Movie Review: ‘Ghostbusters’

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636039592897839983-imax-bustersWho you gonna call?

Since the female-driven reboot of the popular and classic Ghostbuster franchise was announced back in August of 2014, it has been the subject of intense criticism and excitement. While some of the criticism fell on the necessity of the reboot – since the classic is pretty much a beloved Hollywood film – many of the criticism, unfortunately, was thinly veiled sexism over the female cast. Fans fought back and forth over the issue for months, and the early promotional material for the film did nothing to satisfy either side of the argument. Well now the moment of truth is here, with the movie being released today. Were the naysayers right in their quest to lament about the movie every chance they got? Was the reboot even necessary? Simply, was the movie even good? Continue Reading Movie Review: ‘Ghostbusters’…

Chris Hemsworth in Ghostbusters Remake

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Chris HemsworthSpoiler alert: he’s playing Janine.  That’s right, Chris Hemsworth has been cast as the receptionist opposite the Ghostbusters Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon.   I, for one, am totally down with this.

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