Top 5 Memorable Star Wars Fanservice Moments

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You know it when you see it and everyone does it.  You’ve seen it in James Kirk’s artfully torn uniform, Virtual Six in the the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica, and the Denna Troi/William Riker scenes in Star Trek: The Next Generation.   Here’s our list of the top five Star Wars memorable fanservice moments!

#5  A simple bug-cuddle between friends 

Dark Nest 1: The Joiner King‘s Jaina and Zekk’s bug-cuddling moment is memorable because it was designed to appeal to Jaina/Zekk shippers, but in the end it just made everyone gag. While fans were later grossed out by the words “membrosia excess” in the next paragraph, this moment later paved the way for the Zekk-Jaina-Jag love triangle in the Legacy of the Force series — and lots of arm rubbing (shudder!).  It remains to this day one of the closest moments the EU has had a to sex scene.

A weight lay across Jaina’s chest, and the inside of one ear was being warmed by a soft, pulsing growl.  The dormitory was filled with a comforting melange was filled of refresher soup and body smells from a dozen species, but predominant odor, familiar and musky and strongest, was human.

Male human.


Zinnos approved *stamps*

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