Fawning Fanboy’s Spoiler-Filled Green Lantern Review

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I was in my glory last night. I went to the first midnight show I’ve ever been to in my life because after being introduced to the Green Lantern mythos almost 40 years ago, I finally got to see it become a movie. I freely admit I’m a huge fan. I remember in kindergarten having my father yell at me and threaten to take away my comic books because as he put it, “You know the Green Lantern oath but your teacher says you can’t remember the pledge of allegiance!” To be fair, my older brother had me convinced that if you said the pledge of allegiance wrong the Army came and got you and sent you to Vietnam so I was a little leery about trying it.

Beware My Spoilers!

What you are about to read is the most biased review written since Orville Redenbacher was asked if he liked popcorn. There will be spoilers. If you read past this point it will probably ruin the movie for you. All in all, you’re probably better off skipping to one of those attack review sites that hates everything equally and never has a good thing to say. I’ll just be gushing for the next few paragraphs anyway. If you insist on continuing down this slippery slope of spoilers, you can do so after the break.

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