Dracula First Trailer

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Velvet Goldmine

How Bowie is this?

I’ve been a fan of Jonathan Rhys Meyers ever since he David Bowie-ed his way through Velvet Goldmine — if you haven’t seen that movie, you should.  It’s a thinly disguised, sort-of bio of the Iggy Pop, David Bowie relationship during the height of Glam Rock…and besides JRM, it has Toni Collette, Christian Bale and Ewan McGregor, with McGregor in the Iggy Pop role.  It’s also the movie that first earned McGregor his reputation for “showing it all”.  Meyers was also the reason I religiously watched The Tudors.  Even though I knew that series took some liberties with historical fact, Meyers, et al provided a fun and talented romp through Henry the VIII time.  Plus it also starred Henry Cavill, our newest Man of Steel, and turned me into a fan of his as well.  I was pretty happy when I found out Cavill was picked for MOS.  All in all this is turning into a good fan year for me.  NBC has just released the first trailer of it’s new tv show, Dracula, with JRM as the lead character.  And yes I’m a Dracula fan.  Bram Stoker’s novel turned me into a Victorian novel afficianado when I came to appreciate those Victorian writers’ flare for creating a particular kind of creepy atmosphere.

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Obi-Wan Still has his Mojo

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Recently on the Graham Norton show (BBC) Ewan McGregor demonstrated that he’s still got it when it comes to lightsabers.

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Obi-Wan on Blu-ray

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The folks over at Play.com have an exclusive video of actor Ewan McGregor talking about A New Hope.  Yes, we know that Ewan wasn’t in the movie, but his uncle was.

Enjoy watching the hot Scot reminisce about Star Wars, Dennis Lawson, and the first time he saw a movie here.

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Happy Birthday, Obi-Wan

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Today is a milestone birthday for one of our favorite jedi.  Join Roqoo Depot in wishing Ewan McGregor a happy fortieth, and many more to come.

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