MidAmeriCon II Interview with Martha Wells

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While at MidAmeriCon II in Kansas City, MO, we were able to meet up with author Martha Wells to talk about her Books of the Raksura series, Star Wars: Razor’s Edge and her duology Emilie & the Hollow World and Emilie & the Sky World. Below we’ve posted the full audio of our interview. Enjoy!

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Book Review: ‘Emilie & the Sky World’ by Martha Wells

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With a slight hint of steampunk, Emilie & the Sky World takes to the air as a young female explorer finds herself on yet another adventure. This time around, Emilie must deal with her brother, a strange being from another world, and creatures best described as ghost pirates. Click here to read our full review.

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New Release: ‘Emilie & the Sky World’ by Martha Wells

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emilie-and-the-sky-world-by-martha-wellsOut today is Martha Wells latest book Emilie & the Sky World.

When Emilie and Daniel arrive in Silk Harbor, Professor Abindon, an old colleague of the Marlendes, warns them that she’s observed something strange and potentially deadly in the sky, a disruption in an upper air aether current. But as the Marlendes investigate further, they realize it’s a ship from another aetheric plane. It may be just a friendly explorer, or something far more sinister, but they will have to take an airship into the dangerous air currents to find out.

Emilie joins the expedition and finds herself deep in personal entanglements, with an angry uncle, an interfering brother, and an estranged mother to worry about – not to mention a lost family of explorers, the strange landscapes of the upper air, and the deadly menace that inhabits the sky world.

For more information, excerpts and retailer links, head on over to Martha Well’s official book page for Emilie & the Sky World.

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