Game Review: Skyrim

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I’m also a Nightengale and have this awesome ninja armor. Booyah!

My name is Otto. I am a Breton. And I’m the Dragonborn.

After 150 hours of gameplay, I felt I was finally worthy of writing a review of Skyrim for the Xbox 360. For fans of the Elder Scrolls games, this is a must have, must play, there just isn’t anyway around it. Overall it feels like an improvement over the previous game, Oblivion, with much smoother gameplay and user interfaces, even in-game mechanics. While it might not have the sheer massive amount of options that Morrowind offered, it does deliver a fun experience with great visuals and tons of adventure. Even after a month of exploration, I have still not explored the entirety of the game nor have I completed the bulk of the quests. When it comes to adventure and exploration, Skyrim delivers in abundance. Continue Reading Game Review: Skyrim…

Greg Keyes New Book Lord of Souls

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UPDATE: Nearly missed this – Suvudu also posted a 50 page excerpt from Greg Keyes latest novel which you can read here.

Greg Keyes has a new book out this week called Lord of Souls and it’s out now. Many Star Wars fans will remember Greg Keyes contribution to the NJO era with his three books Conquest, Rebirth, and The Final Prophecy. Lord of Souls is his second Elder Scrolls novel taking place 40 years after the Oblivion crisis and centers around the floating city of Umbriel and it’s undead army. As part of their Take Five promotion series, Suvudu asked Mr. Keyes to share five facts about his latest novel.

When playing Oblivion as research for this book, I was really taken with the city of Anvil. I’m not sure why – it just felt like home.

Be sure to head over to Suvudu to read all five of the interesting facts, including his inspiration for Umriel, tips for poisoning someone, his biggest difficulty with the series, and a rare Southeast Asian fruit that made it into the novel.

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