Doc Sidhe is Back

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Author Aaron Allston posted today on his blog that two of his original novels, Doc Sidhe and Sidhe-Devil, will be getting a new lease on life. Published back in 1995, Doc Sidhe was an interesting spin on the fantasy genre as it meshed elven Irish-Scottish folklore with a modern day setting. Parts of it are very steampunkish, and overall it’s a fun story (you can check out our review here). Aaron is now planning on turning Doc Sidhe and its sequel Sidhe-Devil into eBooks (as well as physical books) with new cover art and a reworking of the writing styles. Right now he’s aiming for a June/July release.

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Book Review: Doc Sidhe by Aaron Allston

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Aaron Allston’s next Star Wars book won’t be out until summer of 2012, however that doesn’t mean there aren’t any Allston books out there for you to read. Perhaps now is the time to try reading some of Allston’s non-Star Wars books, such as Doc Sidhe. It has the same great humor as his Star Wars books and packs plenty of action with fun characters. Yet Doc Sidhe delivers a brand new world for readers to explore with unfamiliar characters, technology, and unpredictable plot lines. Doc Sidhe presents a place were people can travel between worlds, civilizations that harken back to old myths set in a not so distant past, and a starring character that is like a cross between Chuck Norris and Doc Brown from Back to the Future. Click here to read the full review.

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