SFF Writer Chat with Paul S. Kemp Tomorrow

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Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer’s Chat (sffwrtcht) will be talking with Star Wars author Paul S. Kemp tomorrow at 9:00 PM EST (8:00 PM CST). The chat will be conducted on Twitter and they will be discussing Mr. Kemp’s Forgotten Realm and Star Wars books. Fans are invited to follow along and join in.

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After Action Report: Facebook Live Chat With Paul S. Kemp

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Due to some technical difficulties, the live chat with Paul S. Kemp on Star Wars Books Facebook page didn’t go as smoothly as planned. However, Paul did answer a lot of questions and we have nice little transcript of the highlights, including a few questions I managed to sneak in (note there are some minor spoilers)… Continue Reading After Action Report: Facebook Live Chat With Paul S. Kemp…

Reminder: Live Facebook Chat With Paul Kemp

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Just a reminder that today at 6:30 EST Deceived author Paul Kemp will be doing a live chat with readers on Facebook.  All you need to do to join in is like the Star Wars Books Facebook page.

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Paul Kemp Interview

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On the heals of the Deceived release, Lightsaber Rattling has scored an interview with author Paul Kemp.  Many thanks to LR for sharing the interview with Roqoo Depot.

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New Releases

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Today there are two big releases: Lego Star Wars III, and Star Wars The Old Republic: Deceived.

Lego Star Wars III is available on multiple platforms: Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, PS3, PSP, Wii, Xbox 360, and for PC. Keep your eyes open as we will have review of the game available soon.

Star Wars The Old Republic Deceived, written by author Paul S. Kemp (Crosscurrent), already has a review up and posted, so be sure to check it out.

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Autographed Copies of Deceived by Paul Kemp

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Best selling author and self proclaimed “fictioneer” Paul Kemp has just announced on his blog that he will be offering signed copies of his new tale from the Old Republic era entitled Deceived on his web site. The copies will be selling for $30 in the U.S. The cost covers the book, applicable taxes and express shipping and if more than one copy is ordered Mr. Kemp, or rather his “assistant” whom he refers to as “Kaul Pemp”, will consolidate the shipping and the cost will go down with each additional copy ordered.

When placing an order on line you can include any personalization you would like or if left blank Mr. Kemp indicates he will ad lib something.

Paul Kemp is of course the author that penned the Star Wars expanded universe novel and 2010 smash hit Crosscurrent as well as it’s expected sequel Riptide due out this year. If Crosscurrent and his other works of fiction are any indication of what is to come, I think we will continue to follow his career with great interest.

by Revmacd

Deceived Book Trailer

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You can catch a trailer for Paul Kemp’s Deceived over on the Star Wars: The Old Republic site.  This is a trailer for the book and to quote Kemp (via twitter), “Most cool”.

Ahsoka and Chewie!

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Star wars Insider magazine released the cover of issue #124 today featuring Ahsoka Tano and our old pal Chewbacca.

Is Chewie smiling? You would be too if you got to fight along side the sassy Ahsoka Tano. That story plus original fiction set in the Old Republic era by veteran Star Wars author Paul Kemp in the issue available next month.

Chance to Win Deceived Audiobook

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Over on Paul S. Kemp’s blog, the author is going to give away two copies of Star Wars The Old Republic: Deceived in audiobook format. Winners will be chosen Monday March 7, so hurry and don’t miss out!

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