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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

Bombad Radio: Episode 152 features yet another fantastic interview, this time with the creator of the Forgotten Realms, and author, Ed Greenwood. Jeremiah pulls out some excellent questions for Ed, and Ed does not disappoint with his answers. He shares some great stories about the Forgotten Realms, his part in it, and how things have worked out. If you haven’t read The Herald yet and you’re worried about spoilers, don’t be, this episode is completely spoiler free. A must listen to for Forgotten Realms fans and a good interview to check out for readers in general. The topics Ed discusses have a lot of merit in being applied in other franchises and in different mediums.

Episode 153 is a doubleheader with authors Richard Lee Byers and David Farland (Dave Wolverton). Both authors give some really nice writing advice which is great for anyone who is thinking about or does writing, but it’s also very insightful for readers, giving them a deeper understanding of the tips and tricks of the trade. Plus there’s some discussion about their own books which readers will also enjoy. Really awesome episode and definitely worth a listen.

Fangirls Going Rogue: Episode #8 includes an interview with Star Wars Rebels voice actress Vanessa Marshall who talks about recording for the show, charity and fans, and what she doesn’t know about A New Dawn. Teresa and Tricia give a quick recap of Star Wars Weekends, and later on, Bethany from the Star Wars Report joins them as they talk about the characters of Star Wars Rebels and the actors of Star Wars Episode VII. Lots of good discussion on all things Star Wars, both television and the movies.

Full of Sith: Episode LXIX features special guests Amy Ratcliffe and ‘Jawa’ James Floyd as they join Bryan and his son at Origins where they talk a little about the convention, Aaron Allston, and Timothy Zahn. It’s pretty brief, and quickly kicks in to Bryan’s interview with Nick Gillard at Salt Lake Fan Experience (audio is courtesy of Bombad Radio, so if you’ve already listened to Bombad Radio’s podcast of the audio for that panel, you’re covered).

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Around the Web

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And here’s this week’s news.


Star Wars Artist Dave Dorman is having a July sale on many of his best Star Wars prints. Pick two for $100 or go crazy and buy them all.


Author Aaron Allston has finished his second short story for Time Traveled Tales which has surpassed its initial goals and almost all of its stretch goals. There’s still time to get in, so don’t hesitate to add your pledge. Aaron also teased the cover image for Five By Five 2: No Surrender which will feature short stories by him, Kevin J. Anderson, William C. Dietz, Brad R. Torgersen and R. M. Meluch. Continue Reading Around the Web…

Around the Web

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Art News

As reported by Jedi News, there will be a limited number of screening for Drew: The Man Behind the Poster, a documentary on artist Drew Struzan. Screenings are currently limited to San Diego, CA (July 19-25), New York, NY (Aug 16-22) and Albuquerque, NM (July 28). You can purchase tickets here.

Book News

John Jackson Miller‘s sci-fi serialization Overdraft: The Orion Offensive will come to an end next Tuesday, and so will the $1.99 entry price for the series. On Tuesday the price will jump up for the completed book. But for those looking to get a physical book rather than an eBook, the print edition is available for pre-order now and will be a whopping 400 plus pages (here’s the pre-order link for UK residents).

Martha Wells‘ book The Death of the Necromancer is now available for free entirely online at Black Gate Magazine. It’s a good book and worth checking out. Martha has a little bit of trivia on the book here, along with links if you’d like to purchase the eBook version or other stories in the series.

R.A. Salvatore fans can pickup a signed copy of The Companions and The Last Threshold via the e-signings page on his website. Bob will be in Columbus, OH on August 14 at the Thurber House for a book signing if you’d like to meet him in person.

Troy Denning‘s Crucible will be out next week and fans in the Roseville, MN area can swing by Barnes & Noble at 7:00 PM on July 9th to get their copies signed. Event details can be found here. Continue Reading Around the Web…

Happy Birthday, Dave Wolverton

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Today we wish a happy birthday to Dave Wolverton (aka David Farland), author of the Courtship of Princess Leia and creator of Dathomir and the Dathomiri witches. Be sure to stop by on Facebook or Twitter to wish him a happy birthday. If you haven’t done so yet, you can also stop by the site for his son Ben in order to donate or to find out the latest updates on Ben’s status.

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Around the Web

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Kicking the news off with interviews, author Martha Wells did an interview with Evan Ramspott covering her new book, Emilie & the Hollow World. They also discuss cover art, plotting and theme songs. You can check it out here.

Comic Book Resources has an entertaining interview between comic writers Brian Wood and Steve Horton. The writers engage in a dual interview that covers their comic work and then some.

Author Michael A. Stackpole did an interview with Rick Novy that covers the usual territory but does include a nice update on what’s coming soon from Mike. Continue Reading Around the Web…

Book Bomb for Ben Wolverton

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There is a book bomb today for Dave Wolverton’s son Ben. Ben was in a serious long-boarding accident last week and the family is trying to raise money to help cover the medical expenses since they don’t have insurance. Ben is 16 and suffered severe brain trauma, a cracked skull, broken pelvis and tail bone, burnt knees, bruised lungs, broken ear drum, and road rash from the accident. He is currently in a coma.

Personally, I wasn’t familiar with the term “book bomb” but it’s an event where everyone is encourage to buy a specific book in order to raise money. This book bomb is focusing on two books: Nightingale and Million Dollar Outlines. You can also donate directly via www.gofundme.com/BensRecovery.

You can find more details here on their official site, www.helpwolverton.com and you can show your support via their Facebook page.

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Free eBook: ‘The Golden Queen’ by David Farland

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David Farland (aka Dave Wolverton) has a free eBook, The Golden Queen, available on Amazon for the time being. Star Wars fans will recognize Dave as the author of The Courtship of Princess Leia. If you’re looking to expand your horizons a bit, be sure to snag this offer while it lasts.

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Utini Shout Outs

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Tosche Station: Great interview with Her Universe creator and voice of TCW’s Ahsoka Tano, Ashley Eckstein.  Ashley talks about what voicing Ahsoka means to her, upcoming Her Universe products, and the rising presence of female fans in the Star Wars fandom.  The interview begins at 28.30 and you can access the interview here.

Speaking of interviews, Bombad Radio has an interview with author Dave Wolverton.  Among other things, Dave reveals that he once taught writing to Stephanie Meyers.  Or at least tried to.  You can catch that interview here.

Jennifer Livingston: The CBS WKBT News anchor was bullied by a non-viewer over her weight and she didn’t take it lying down.  October is Anti-bullying Month, and Jennifer’s message is spot on about this issue.  As part of a fandom (including Ashley Eckstein) that recently stood up to a very public bullying — and will continue to do so —  we applaud Jennifer and stand with her against bullying all its forms.

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Happy Birthday, Dave Wolverton

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Well known in SWEU, Dave Wolverton,turns the milestone of 55 today.  In The Courtship of Princess Leia, the author not only introduced us to Hapans, the Witches of Dathomir and the Nightsisters (featured prominently this last season on The Clone Wars), he also (finally) married off Han and Leia.

In fact, Dave’s influence on the EU is significant and ongoing.  While he hasn’t penned a Star Wars novel in awhile, he paired up Prince Isolder and Tenenial Djo — the parents of Hapan Queen Mother Tenel Ka, who was Jacen Solo’s love and the mother of his daughter Allana.

Dave Wolverton also wrote the introductory Jedi Apprentice novel, The Rising Force, creating the definitive young Obi-Wan Kenobi.  In addition Dave writes fantasy novels under the pen name David Farland.

Roqoo Depot wishes Dave Wolverton a very happy birthday.

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