New Excerpt for ‘Crucible’ and ‘Kenobi’

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Amazon has an excerpt from Troy Denning’s upcoming Star Wars novel Crucible which includes a fairly large preview of the first five chapters (though not complete excerpts). The preview also includes an excerpt of John Jackson Miller’s upcoming novel Kenobi. If you don’t mind spoilers, click here to check it out. (just click on the cover for the preview).

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The Crucible Spoiler Contest

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Yesterday we posted that author Troy Denning is holding a spoiler contest for his upcoming Star Wars book, Crucible. The rules are pretty simple: post a fake spoiler for Crucible (no real spoilers allowed!) and whoever gets the most likes on their make believe spoiler gets an autographed copy of Crucible. Participants have until Friday around 8 or 10 PM CDT to enter. Since it’s a matter of votes, the sooner you enter, the better your chances are.

To help give readers an idea of who to vote for, we’ve collected some of our favorites below, but you can read them all here and here (as there are now two official entry posts).

From the first post

Jason Spieth: The true protagonist of the story is a Mandalorian dressed in fabulous armor who is a fine judge and purveyor of choice intoxicants. Continue Reading The Crucible Spoiler Contest…

‘Crucible’ Spoiler Contest

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Author Troy Denning is running a Crucible Spoiler Contest on Facebook. He’s looking for the most outlandish Crucible spoilers that aren’t true.

The Crucible spoilers keep coming — and if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em! So I’m asking for your most outlandish (i.e. not real) Crucible spoilers, especially from those who haven’t read the book yet.

The two people whose spoilers receive the most “likes” will receive an autographed copy via snail mail (once my author copies arrive). And I’ll buy lunch for another winner (+ guest) who is attending either San Diego Comic Con, Gen Con, or my signing in Roseville MN (July 9 — though this would have to be an early dinner).

The rules are simple: one spoiler per post, the spoiler can’t be real (or it will be deleted), I’m the final judge of all contest matters, and the contest ends at midnight Central Time on June 21st.

Better hurry if you want to enter, because time is running out.

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New Excerpt for ‘Crucible’

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Want to know who will be in Star Wars: Crucible? Well Random House has an excerpt that includes the dramatis personae plus the first page for the each of the first fourteen chapters. You can check them out here (just click on the “Look Inside” banner).

Troy Denning’s Crucible will be out in hardcover, digital and audiobook formats on July 9th. If you’re looking for more excerpts, you can check out Suvudu’s online posting of chapter one right here.

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‘Crucible’ Chapter One Online

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As a gift to Star Wars fans, Suvudu has posted the first chapter of Troy Denning’s upcoming Star Wars novel Crucible online. You can check it out here.

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New blurb for Troy Denning’s Crucible

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Random House has posted a new blurb for Troy Denning’s upcoming Star Wars: Crucible:

Han Solo, Leia Organa Solo, and Luke Skywalker return in an all-new Star Wars adventure, which will challenge them in ways they never expected—and forever alter their understanding of life and the Force.

When Han and Leia Solo arrive at Lando Calrissian’s Outer Rim mining operation to help him thwart a hostile takeover, their aim is just to even up the odds and lay down the law. Then monstrous aliens arrive with a message, and mere threats escalate into violent sabotage with mass fatalities. When the dust settles, what began as corporate warfare becomes a battle with much higher stakes—and far deadlier consequences.

Now Han, Leia, and Luke team up once again in a quest to defeat a dangerous adversary bent on galaxy-wide domination. Only this time, the Empire is not the enemy. It is a  pair of ruthless geniuses with a lethal ally and a lifelong vendetta against Han Solo. They will stop at nothing to control the lucrative Outer Rim mining trade—and ultimately the entire galactic economy. And when the murderous duo gets the drop on Han, he finds himself outgunned in the fight of his life. To save him, and the galaxy, Luke and Leia must brave a gauntlet of treachery, terrorism, and the untold power of an enigmatic artifact capable of bending space, time, and even the Force itself into an apocalyptic nightmare.

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‘Crucible’ Cover Tweak

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Star Wars Books has posted a new cover for Troy Denning’s upcoming novel Crucible. This version features a new version of Han Solo.

Here’s a comparison to the last cover. Continue Reading ‘Crucible’ Cover Tweak…

FANgirl Blog Interviews with Troy Denning, Part Two

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FANgirl Blog has posted part two of their interview with Star Wars author Troy Denning. Troy has some priceless comments about killing characters.

I was reading through the things that happen in the first book, which later became Vector Prime. When I read the part where Chewbacca dies, I think I phoned my friend Bob Salvatore and said, “Bob! I just read you’re killing Chewbacca!” He kind of chuckled and said, “Yeah. And wait until you see what you’re doing.” Then I was thinking, “Oh my God!”…

Skip ahead several years to Legacy of the Force. We were sitting around in the brainstorming session. We already knew who was writing the books just because of the way schedules worked out, and we’re planning all the plot lines. When we get to the end of book nine, somebody said, “Jacen dies,” and I nodded, “Yeah, okay. Jacen dies, that makes sense.” Then all of a sudden I realize that I’m writing that! I looked up and I said, “Wait a minute! So, I’m going to kill two Solo kids?” Everyone else in the room said, “Yeah.” So I said, “Uh-uh! I don’t want to do that!” We had a bit of discussion about alternatives but then we realized that it had to be done, and that I was the one who had to do it.

You can read the full interview here. If you missed part one, you can catch it here.

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New Release Date for ‘Crucible’?

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According to Random House, Star Wars: Crucible has a new release date which is now July 9, 2013 (previous date was July 2). Page count is tentatively set a 288 pages.

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‘Crucible’ gets a new cover and release date

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Del Rey has revealed a new cover for Star Wars: Crucible, as well as a July 2nd release date. The new cover focuses even more on the big 3 as well as giving them an older appearance. You can see the cover gallery below.

Continue Reading ‘Crucible’ gets a new cover and release date…

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