Hollywood.com Interview with Troy Denning

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Star Wars author Troy Denning was interviewed by Hollywood.com on his new novel Crucible. Troy had some interesting things to say including some comments about the Mortis Monolith and Dave Filoni…

When we last left off, at the end of Fate of the Jedi, Luke and the Jedi had discovered the existence of Mortis, and that’s something that enters into Crucible. Why did you decide to involve Mortis in this new story?

Troy Denning: It came about as an outgrowth of what happened in Apocalypse, when Luke sent ten Knights out to search for the Dagger of Mortis so he could deal with Abeloth in a final showdown. It’s very romantic, like the search for the Lost Grail. Through an intermediary I talked with Dave Filoni about the nature of the monoliths. It was me asking him a few questions about monoliths and then him coming back with an answer. I didn’t want to ignore Mortis, and it intersected with what I was asked to do in this book: to have Han, Luke, and Leia’s last hurrah.

…as well as Star Wars Episode VII.

Was the concept of Crucible being a “passing of the torch” novel affected at all by the announcement of the new movie trilogy?

Troy Denning: The introduction of Episode VII made our understanding of what Crucible was going to be a lot less certain. The original idea was that, yes, this was going to be a “passing of the torch” book in which Luke, Han, and Leia hand off their legacy to the next generation, and begin to stand back and let them take the lead. Then Episode VII comes along and changes everything, because it’s uncertain exactly what’s going to happen to the EU after that. Shelly Shapiro said, “Hey, it’s the EU, we should keep our original intentions for the book.” So it is still a passing of the torch book, we just don’t know what we’re passing the torch to.

Click here to read the full interview. They also have an excerpt from Crucible.

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Our Interview with ‘Crucible’ Author Troy Denning

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Crucible is one wild ride and it provides a ton of material worthy of exploration. We spoke with author Troy Denning to dive deeper into the details: how did Crucible come about, where did the Columi come from, what didn’t make it into the book and much more. Plus, for Forgotten Realms fans, we touch a little on The Sundering.

Fair Warning: Spoilers kick in at 12:20.

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Our Review of ‘Crucible’ by Troy Denning

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What happens when you take the Big Three on their last hurrah? Well, lets just say there’s a little bit of everything and thensome. Crucible pulls out all the stops as Troy Denning spins a story that raises the bar for crazy fun. Click here to read our full review.

Reviewed By: Skuldren and Geralyn.

New Release: ‘Crucible’ by Troy Denning

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Today Troy Denning’s Crucible is out in hardcover, digital and audiobook formats. If you’re in the Roseville, MN area, be sure to stop by Barnes & Noble around 7:00 PM to meet Troy Denning in person.


Han Solo, Leia Organa Solo, and Luke Skywalker return in an all-new Star Wars adventure, which will challenge them in ways they never expected—and forever alter their understanding of life and the Force.

When Han and Leia Solo arrive at Lando Calrissian’s Outer Rim mining operation to help him thwart a hostile takeover, their aim is just to even up the odds and lay down the law. Then monstrous aliens arrive with a message, and mere threats escalate into violent sabotage with mass fatalities. When the dust settles, what began as corporate warfare becomes a battle with much higher stakes—and far deadlier consequences.

Now Han, Leia, and Luke team up once again in a quest to defeat a dangerous adversary bent on galaxy-wide domination. Only this time, the Empire is not the enemy. It is a pair of ruthless geniuses with a lethal ally and a lifelong vendetta against Han Solo. And when the murderous duo gets the drop on Han, he finds himself outgunned in the fight of his life. To save him, and the galaxy, Luke and Leia must brave a gauntlet of treachery, terrorism, and the untold power of an enigmatic artifact capable of bending space, time, and even the Force itself into an apocalyptic nightmare.

For more Crucible fun, you can read the first 50 pages of Crucible on Suvudu, check out our Crucible cover art gallery and our guide to the Columi, plus enter Jedi Journals’ contest for a chance to win an autographed copy.

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Star Wars: Crucible Giveaway

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Troy Denning’s Crucible will be out tomorrow in hardcover, digital and audiobook formats. To help celebrate, we are giving away one hardcover copy of Crucible.

To enter, we’re asking fans to head on over to Troy Denning’s Facebook Fansite. Just give it a like and post what you’re looking forward to most in Crucible. To qualify, you have to leave a comment on this post that includes a link to your Facebook post on Troy Denning’s fansite, that way we know who posted what when we pick a winner. You must also reside in the United States (sorry, no international shipping on this contest). So…

1. Go to the Troy Denning Fansite.

2. Like the Troy Denning Fansite.

3. Leave a post on the Troy Denning Fansite saying what you are looking forward to most in Crucible.

4. Leave a comment here that includes a link to your post on the Troy Denning Fansite (to get the link, just click on the time stamp on the post which will open it up in a new window, or you can just copy the content of your post and put that in the comment, as long as we know who’s who).

That’s it. We will randomly pick a winner from all of those who qualify. The winner will be announced tomorrow.

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Podcasts in Review

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ForceCast: Special CEII Artist Interviews Episode one includes some really nice interviews with Star Wars Celebration Europe II artists Joe Corroney, Hugh Fleming and Lin Zy. All three artists are interviewed by fellow artist Spencer Brinkerhoff III. Definitely worth listening to.

Special CEII Artist Interviews Episode two covers Star Wars artists Brian Rood, Chris Trevas and Jerry Vanderstelt. I’m really enjoying these special interview episodes. Spencer does a great job and I’m looking forward to listening to more.

Full of Sith: The Story of Star Wars Special Release episode is something fans may or may not want to skip. Mike gives a brief intro and then plays The Story of Star Wars (which was a record released in 1977) in its entirety. It’s basically the audio for A New Hope but with narration so listeners can follow along with the action. Definitely cool to have it out there if you ever want to give it a listen. Continue Reading Podcasts in Review…

Autographed ‘Crucible’ Giveaway

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Jedi Journals is giving away to autographed copies of Troy Denning’s Crucible. The contest is open to US residents, but for non-US residents, they’re also giving away an advanced reader copy of Crucible. Just send them an email (jedijournals@forcecast.net) saying what your favorite Troy Denning Star Wars novel is for a chance to win.

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‘Crucible’ Alien Spotlight: The Columi

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As we countdown to Crucible, this week we’re putting a spotlight on the Columi. The Columi are one of many alien species in the Star Wars Expanded Universe. They also happen to play a big role in Crucible. But just who are the Columi? Follow below and we’ll take you through a history lesson of this rarely used and intriguing species. Continue Reading ‘Crucible’ Alien Spotlight: The Columi…

More Excerpts for ‘Crucible’ and ‘Kenobi’

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If you like getting sneak peaks, Del Rey has you covered. Last Friday they posted a 50 Page Fridays excerpt for Troy Denning’s Crucible and Random House excerpts from chapters one and two of John Jackson Miller’s Kenobi. Enjoy!

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The Star Wars Art of ‘Crucible’

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With the release of Troy Denning’s Crucible getting nearer, we thought it would be a good time to take a look at the cover art. Thus we kick off another edition of our Roqoo Depot Galleria series highlighting the art of Star Wars.

Since Crucible‘s announcement at San Diego Comic Con in 2012, we’ve seen several cover designs for the anticipated Big 3 novel. All of them feature artwork by Cliff Nielsen (who also did the covers for Outbound Flight, Vector Prime, Balance Point, Star By Star, Destiny’s Way, The Unifying Force, the Dark Nest Trilogy and the Jedi Apprentice series) and are designed by Scott Biel.

It all started with this preliminary cover… Continue Reading The Star Wars Art of ‘Crucible’…

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