Kemp on the Realms and Star Wars

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SF Signal posted a nice interview with author Paul S. Kemp covering Forgotten Realms, Star Wars, and Egil and Nix. Paul had some interesting comments about how his novels have affected each other.

“In terms of Cale and Jaden: *Learned* is probably too strong a word, but my experience writing each has influenced later novels of the other. I wrote the Cale stories before writing Jaden’s duology, so I brought some of the dark and gritty tone of the Cale stories into Jaden’s story in Crosscurrent and Riptide. On the flip side, writing the relationships with Jaden and Khedryn and Marr (the two spacers who accompany him) reminded me that leavening in some humor gives the reader a needed break from a book with an otherwise darker tone. That influenced me as I wrote The Godborn, the next novel in the Cale Chronicles.” -Paul S. Kemp

You can read the full interview here.

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Reddit Q&A with Paul S. Kemp

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Author Paul S. Kemp did a Q&A on Reddit that covers not only his Star Wars books, but also his non-Star Wars books. Paul talks about the freedom he has with his writing, how he got into Star Wars, some of his favorite authors and books, and even delves into his preferred brand of scotch. One very interesting thing he mentioned was this…

I’d love to write the novel in which Grandmaster Luke Skywalker goes out in a way that suits such a great character.

Continue Reading Reddit Q&A with Paul S. Kemp…

Recap of the Live Chat with Paul S. Kemp

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Yesterday’s live chat with Star Wars author Paul S. Kemp on Star Wars Book’s Facebook page went pretty smoothly and fans asked a lot of good questions. In cased you missed out, you can check out all of the comments here or you can scroll down and read over are revised transcript of the Q&A. Continue Reading Recap of the Live Chat with Paul S. Kemp…

SFF Writer Chat Transcript

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In case you missed the SFF Writer Chat last night with author Paul S. Kemp, we’ve composed an organized transcript for your viewing pleasure. SFF Writer Chat’s Bryan Thomas and a few fans asked Paul S. Kemp some questions that covered ground ranging from his start in the business to his current novels. Continue Reading SFF Writer Chat Transcript…

SFF Writer Chat with Paul S. Kemp Tomorrow

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Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer’s Chat (sffwrtcht) will be talking with Star Wars author Paul S. Kemp tomorrow at 9:00 PM EST (8:00 PM CST). The chat will be conducted on Twitter and they will be discussing Mr. Kemp’s Forgotten Realm and Star Wars books. Fans are invited to follow along and join in.

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After Action Report: Facebook Live Chat With Paul S. Kemp

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Due to some technical difficulties, the live chat with Paul S. Kemp on Star Wars Books Facebook page didn’t go as smoothly as planned. However, Paul did answer a lot of questions and we have nice little transcript of the highlights, including a few questions I managed to sneak in (note there are some minor spoilers)… Continue Reading After Action Report: Facebook Live Chat With Paul S. Kemp…

A new look for Riptide

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TOS announced a revamped cover for Riptide, Paul S. Kemp’s sequel to Crosscurrent:

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