New Release: ‘Conviction’ paperback

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Fate of the Jedi: Conviction by Aaron Allston is out today in paperback.

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Fate of the Jedi: Conviction co-review

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Written by Aaron Allston, and the seventh book in the Fate of the Jedi series, Conviction delivers some major entertainment for readers. For this special review Synlah and I have partnered together to deliver a co-review covering the major elements of the story and our personal opinions of Allston’s work. So how was it? Click here to continue reading and find out for yourself.

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Fate of the Jedi: Conviction Released

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Aaron Allston’s Conviction hits stores today. Conviction is the seventh novel in the Fate of the Jedi series and will be the last book by Allston as the series wraps up.

Synopsis: Chief of State Natasi Daala has been overthrown, and the Jedi Order has taken control of the Galactic Alliance. But while the new governors dismantle Daala’s draconian regime, forces still loyal to the deposed official are mobilizing a counterstrike. And even the Jedi’s new authority may not be enough to save Tahiri Veila, the former Jedi Knight and onetime Sith apprentice convicted of treason for the killing of Galactic Alliance officer Gilad Pellaeon.

Meanwhile, Luke and Ben Skywalker are relentlessly pursuing Abeloth, the powerful dark-side entity bent on ruling the galaxy. But as they corner their monstrous quarry on the planet Nam Chorios, the two lone Jedi must also face the fury of the Sith death squadron bearing down on them. And when Abeloth turns the tables with an insidious ambush, the Skywalkers’ quest threatens to become a suicide mission.

Remember, there are only two books remaining in the Fate of the Jedi series: Ascension by Christie Golden (August 16, 2011), and Apocalypse by Troy Denning (April 2012).

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Updates from Sue Rostoni

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Yesterday Sue Rostini confirmed on the forums that the last three books in the Fate of the Jedi series will have a darker color scheme on the front and back covers. This is in response to the release from Random House that stated the following…

“NEW PACKAGING: While we’re keeping the look of the nine-book series consistent, we’re giving the last three books (starting with Conviction, Summer 2011) a distinctive look to set these final novels apart as a climactic mini-trilogy for readers.”

This had some people guessing on what the change might be, however, our readers already knew this. In our exclusive interview with Fate of the Jedi cover artist Ian Keltie, Mr. Keltie revealed:

“LucasFilms wanted the final three (novels) to stay in the style but look different from the previous six. The black background helps the darker feel. I think these final three (Conviction, Ascension, and Apocalypse) are more what the Star Wars fans are used to rather than the earlier books.”

In case you missed it, you can read the full interview here.

Sue also responded to another question on the forums that might interest readers.When asked about Daala being overthrown and whether this would happen in Conviction or in between books, Sue stated the following…

“Yes, it happens within the pages of one of the books. I can’t think of which one — they all run together for me.”

Since the blurb for Conviction states that Daala has been overthrown, this would mean that Daala’s ousting from office will happen somewhere in the book.

Feel free to discuss these issues and others in the forums.

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Back Cover for ‘Conviction’

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Tags: , , has revelead the back cover for Fate of the Jedi: Conviction. In case you didn’t recognize her, that’s Tenel Ka. You can click here to check out the full resolution as well as the books blurb.

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Updates from Sue Rostoni

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Sue Rostoni, executive editor at Lucas Licensing , posted on the forums a few tidbits about Riptide and Conviction…

So, if I may ask… what precipitated said Riptide cover change?

Sue: The sales folks at Random House weren’t sure it was strong enough–not as dynamic as they’d like.

On a semi-related note… How’s Conviction’s back cover coming along? I would’ve thought we’d have gotten it by now.

Sue: The back cover art was submitted just this week. We’ll be reviewing it today, and if it passes muster, should be posted sometime next week.

You can check it out for yourself here.

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