Utini Shout Outs!

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A very big shout out goes to Col. Rob Keibler and Portland’s Cloud City Garrison.  Col. Keibler just spent 14 months in Afghanistan.  He returned home in time to surprise his son, Danny, at the 5 year old’s birthday.  Mom Marcelle posted a video on youtube and if you don’t get a tear in your eye watching it, then you are for sure an imperial.

Star Wars Report: for a good (and fun) article that’s both an explanation and a defense of fiction.  Not your thing?  No problem, but maybe don’t knock people who do enjoy it.  Cause really you’ll get no life points for it.

Geek out: Genevieve Dempre posted a great article on defending lady geeks.  Just in case you’ve been hiding out in a cave recently, there’s been quite the kerfuffle over a certain article denigrating female geeks.  Ms. Dempre’s article is a most worthy response.

Last but not least @Depressed Darth for this tweet: I would be more excited for the Opening Ceremony if the Olympic torch was a lightsaber.

There’s no way we don’t approve of that message.

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