Book Review: ‘Oblivion’s Gate’ by David Mack

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Star Trek: Coda: Oblivion’s Gate is the third and final novel in the Coda trilogy, which was written by David Mack and was released in November of 2021. 

Twenty years of Star Trek literature has led to this. Titan, DS9, Voyager, Aventine, Next Generation, Mirror Universe, Section 31, and more have contributed to what we have known as the Lit-Verse or Post-Nemesis line of Star Trek novels. We all knew it was coming to an end in this trilogy, and thus knew to gird our feelings…

…but did we know it would feel like this?

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Book Review: ‘Coda: The Ashes of Tomorrow’

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Star Trek: Coda: The Ashes of Tomorrow is the second book in the Coda trilogy, written by James Swallow and was released in October of 2021.

James Swallow takes the story baton from Dayton Ward and goes off sprinting and never stops. In this book, he dials the action, intrigue, suspense, character development, and story up to an 11! He truly leaves nothing on the field!

I was slightly disappointed in the scope of Moments Asunder. Don’t get me wrong, I thought it was a great book and certainly my favorite Dayton Ward book yet, but I thought that Ward made the story just too small for what was promised. However, James Swallow delivers EXACTLY what I wanted from the story. If I had my wish of what Coda would be, this book perfectly encapsulates it.

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Book Review: ‘Star Trek: Coda: Moments Asunder’ by Dayton Ward

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Star Trek: Coda: Moments Asunder is the first book in the Coda series, written by Dayton Ward and was released in September of 2021.

For 20 years, the Star Trek post-Nemesis universe was filled with hundreds of novels, each following an ever expanding continuity featuring characters and ships from Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and more! Many fans (myself included) latched onto these novels and if you asked them about Star Trek they would direct you first to the books, then to the television series. When Star Trek Picard was announced and released, many fans wondered what the state of the books would be. Would they simply reset everything and call it a day on the literary-verse as it was or would the show somehow fit the books? It turns out a third option was open where the books can now have their own chance where they will fit into the new continuity.

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