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Star Wars author Timothy Zahn has posted a few updates on his Facebook page worth taking note of. First off, his upcoming, untitled Han Solo novel will be set around A New Hope. As of yet, it hasn’t been determined whether it will take place after or before. In other news, a fan asked about the Chiss’ appearance in Star Wars: The Old Republic and how that would fit in with Zahn’s stories.

If I had to hand-wave this one, I’d probably say that over the thousands of years between SWTOR and HttE the Chiss pulled back to their own territory and the records of them were lost.

From another point of view, of course, the fact that the game designers thought the Chiss popular enough to include is a wonderful compliment. However we have to work things to make the the continuity shake out, it’s an honor to have Thrawn’s people kicking butt and taking names.

Now if only someone could get them to ask me to write a side adventure… -Timothy Zahn

Plus Tim has a new book out this week, Cobra Gamble, the third book in the Cobra War Trilogy. Available in hardcover, eBook, and audiobook formats, you can pick it up at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or your local bookstore. You can also click on the link for it on Baen.com for a free five chapter preview.

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