Science Fiction’s Take on the Future of Computers: Visionaries and Imaginaries

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What happens when you put authors Kevin J. Anderson, Michael A. Stackpole, Greg Bear, Mike Resnick, Robert J. Sawyer, Dr. Gregory Benford, and Christopher Paolini in a room together and ask them to foretell the future of computing? Well you get an interesting outlook of a society with cyber tattooed people moving through the world like Force empowered Jedi. Kevin J. Anderson tackles the old observation that sci-fi writers can predict the future, or more correctly, influence it. By talking with each author, he gets their opinions on where the future is heading. Will we see true, autonomous A.I.? Could the internet develop a mind of its own? What kind of threats could a technologically dependent future hold? And will we become cyborgs?

It’s an intriguing article with some wild, but viable concepts. You can read it here.

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