Wired Interview with Dee Bradley Baker

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Wired posted another interview, this time with The Clone Wars voice actor Dee Bradley Baker.

What’s your favorite Star Warsmovie and why?

DBB: I have to give a two part answer to that. I really enjoy all of them, but first and foremost, it has to be Episode IV because of what that meant to me, and what that did for my mind. When it came out in ’77 it was just so exciting and so thrilling to me. I’d been tracking science fiction movies and books since I was younger, since I read Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth in fourth grade. I had seen every science fiction movie I could: Planet of the Apes I thought was the coolest movie, and Star Trek, I thought was the coolest TV show. And Logan’s Run came out right before Star Wars, as I remember, and at the time that was the big budget sci fi with all these cutting edge effects, and Farrah Fawcett almost naked, and I thought that was really cool. And then, out comes Star Wars, and it was like this thing coming, like this hurricane that’s coming: They put out the book, and then there was the Time magazine that came out with the X-wings on the cover, and I’m looking at that like, “This is the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen and I haven’t seen it yet!” I went and saw it at least a few times that summer when it came out, and the feeling of that lasts a lifetime.

Click here to read the full interview. You can also check out Wired.com’s other interviews from Star Wars Celebration VI, including Ashley Eckstein, Marc Thompson, Chris Hardwick, and Kristen Rutherford.

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