Sunweavers eBook Release

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Sunweavers – Book One: The Brothers by Carolyn Golledge, author of several Star Wars short stories, is now available as an eBook for just $2.99. Click here to check it out.

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Sunweavers Contest and Sale

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Books one and two of the Sunweavers series is now available for purchase. Written by Carolyn Golledge, author of several Star Wars short stories, the Sunweavers is an original science fiction series set 500 years in Earth’s future. Amid food and energy crises in a warring overpopulated world, scientists genetically engineer Sunweavers…but what happens when the creations rebel?

Both books, The Brothers (Book One) and Ensnared (Book Two) are available on Amazon in hardcover and paperback formats (digital format is forthcoming). However, if you order directly from Carolyn, you can save 50% off the cover price. Just shoot her an email at carolyn.golledge(at) and let her know which books you’re interested in and she’ll work out the details with you. The 50% offer is only good this month, but she’ll continue to offer 25% off next month (Paypal accepted).

There’s also two giveaways. One here on Goodreads and one if you contact Carolyn directly (via the email above). Carolyn is giving away both hardcover and paperback copies, plus it’s open to international fans, so be sure to enter.

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MediaWest*Con 2013

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MediaWest*Con 33 kicks off today and runs until the 27th in Lansing, MI. West End Games Star Wars author Carolyn Golledge will be there among many others. You can check out all the details on their official site.

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Our Interview with Star Wars Author Carolyn Golledge

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Continuing our focus on Star Wars short stories, we reached out to short story writer Carolyn Golledge who wrote for the Star Wars Adventure Journal. It was a time before the prequels, one filled with wild adventures and colorful characters. We discussed Carolyn’s time with West End Games, her two short stories “Firepower” and “Desperate Measures”, touched upon fanfiction and also covered her new project Sunweavers. Click here to read the full interview.

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