Entirely Too Many Words About Geeking Out: The Dragon*Con 2011 Recap

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Day Zero

Dragon*Con. If San Diego Comic Con is the “Nerd Prom” of the convention sphere, D*C is the four-day-long frat party.

The trip begins at an ungodly hour for me. Three AM and I’m in my car, making my way to Seattle-Tacoma International to kick off my weekend of misadventures with airplanes. Countless sleepless hours and a layover in Denver later,  I rolled into Atlanta around 4PM to meet up with my roommates*, one of which was Nanci from EUCantina. Now, Day Zero is devoted to getting your bearings straight and meeting fellow con-goers before the chaos starts. This is your one chance to enjoy a real meal (IE: something other than a hastily eaten protein bar) and conversation before the mad dash from hotel to hotel starts. Right away I met up with Dunc of ClubJade and Riley and Bethany of the Star Wars Report.

*I use the term “roommate” loosely. At Dragon*Con, no one sleeps. You catch a few hours of eyelid closing time, get up, and hit more panels. Repeat. 

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Why are you Playing a Girl? Figuring out Why I Play as FemShep

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Temper, temper.


I hate it when people watch me game over my shoulder. Growing up, my dad had this annoying habit of standing right behind me when I was twenty hours into a forty-hour RPG. He’d pepper me with questions about the plot, the characters, and the inevitable “can you shoot/maim/wound your teammates?” He always had an odd obsession with friendly fire, don’t ask me why. Inevitably I’d have to try and summarize all those hours worth of gameplay into a fifteen-second bullet point synopsis. Then I’d have to point out that, no, I can’t attack my teammates, the gameplay mechanics doesn’t allow for it.

Those questions paled in comparison to the awkwardness of one I would get whenever I played a game that allowed me to customize aspects about the player character: Why are you playing a girl?

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