Friday Funny: Geek Week Jedi

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Thanks to Blastr, Youtube Geek Week & Above Average Network
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Katee Sackhoff on Riddick

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RiddckIn an exclusive to Blastr, Katee Sackhoff talks about the the differences between her BSG character, Starbuck, and her character in the Riddick movie, Dahl.

I think because of my own insecurities, I was able to give (Starbuck) a vulnerability that made audiences forgive her for her sins, but Dahl on the other hand, is not that. Dahl is not a nice person. Dahl is crazy. Dahl is, like I said, she’s a fantastic soldier, and if she has to shoot you in the face, if she’s told to, she will do it. She would probably kill your dog if she was told to.

Katee also speaks to the third Riddick movie’s R rating and how fans won’t be disappointed.

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Friday Funny: Cosplay Fun

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CosplayWeLoveLokiThanks to Blastr for sharing this.
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Around the Web

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I love You.  I know.  It’s only been a couple of weeks (Dec. 21) since the Disney Deal became official, but George Lucas is wasting no time moving on with his life.  He announced, via a Lucasfilm rep to the Hollywood Reporter, that he and long time girlfriend, Melody Hobson, are engaged.  Ms. Hobson heads Ariel Investment Llc., is the chairman of Ariel Mutual Funds, as well as chairman of Dreamworks Animation.  Lucas and Hobson have been a duo since 2006.

One of the good guys.  In a story right out of Fanboys, only this time it’s unfortunately true, J.J. Abrams granted a dying fan’s wish and arranged a private screening of Star Trek: Into Darkness.  The fan, known only as Dan, has only weeks left when a friend posted his plight on Reddit.  The post eventually attracted the notice of Abrams who reached out to Dan and his wife.  Dan, who is suffering from two forms of cancer, reportedly loved the film.  Honestly, after hearing this, I won’t care if the film is terrible (which I doubt).  I’m going to love it. Continue Reading Around the Web…

Gift Ideas for the Scifi Fan

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This looks amazingly uncomfortable

If you’re looking for the really unique gift for the scifi fan in your life — and you have a lot of spare cash lying around — Syfy Blastr has the perfect gift list.  Not a single item on this list is below $10,000, so for most of us it’ll remain a fun list to contemplate and dream about.  Included on the list are both a life size Cylon an Boba Fett, a Game of Thrones throne and a “real” full size stargate.

You can view all 16 gifts as well as their outrageous price tags on Blastr.

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The 52 Scifi Weapons Name Game

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How many can you name?

(Geekology and Blastr)

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Star Wars 1313 Concept Art

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I’ll freely admit I can’t track down who released these images, but there’s some stunning concept art for Star Wars 1313 floating around on the internet.  So far Shogun Gamer, Super Punch, and Syfy Blastr have all published the art with a vibe that’s saying this is definitely not your usual Star Wars game.










There are six images in total and you can check out the rest after the break. Continue Reading Star Wars 1313 Concept Art…

‘Man of Steel’ Bootleg Trailer

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Better check it out fast before it’s gone.

(via Blastr/reigun16)

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12 Boba Fett Helmets From Syfy

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Syfy has 12 images of customized homemade Boba Fett helmets over on Blastr.  Ranging from Legos to a very cool Viking helmet, they all attest to the creativity of Star Wars fans.

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