Suvudu: Best Star-Pilots in the Galaxy

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Now the connection between the Battle of Midway and Star Wars may seem non-existent, but died-in-the-wool Star Wars fans know that George Lucas patterned his Star Wars dogfights on actual WWII aerial combat footage.  So, to mark the 70th Anniversary of Midway, Essential Guide to Warfare co-author, Paul Urquhart teamed up with artist Frank-Joseph Frelier to bring us a fun piece about the GFFA’s best pilots.  Here’s a short excerpt from  the article:

Kyp Durron stands for the Jedi opposition. Distrusted by both Luke Skywalker and the Defense Force high command, and leading a force of privateers and volunteers, his lightsaber and his stylishly dark Jedi Master robes are the nearest thing he has to an official warrant to go around blowing up bad guys.

You can read the entire piece and view all the artwork over on Suvudu.

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