BBC Atlantis Trailer

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I’m a sucker for a good mythology retelling, so I’m keeping an eye on BBC’s Atlantis.  The series, filmed in Wales and Morocco, will be available to the U.S. on BBC America, Supernatural Saturday, starting sometime this fall, 2013.  BBC has put out a trailer, and while the entire Greek mythology certainly has huge potential,  it’s really hard to tell if this is going to be a winner or a not-so-great retooling.

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Space Shuttle Atlantis Blasts Off Into History

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Good morning Earth. As I write this on Saturday morning, July 9TH 2011 I sit here once again astounded at the level of human achievement in my lifetime. I have wondered at what point those wonderful stories we read about a galaxy far far away, or a television show in which we travel through stargates to other worlds, would stop being science fiction and just become fiction. Just stories of people doing things in an environment which might be very real. In places where the science is secondary to the story.

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Space Shuttle Retiring – So What’s Next Mr. President?

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This week for Science Thursday we get some suggestions from the Commander In Chief as to the direction the space program should take now that the NASA Space Shuttle program will be retired after the completion of STS-135 which is due to launch aboard the Shuttle Atlantis on Friday July 8TH, weather permitting (which it is looking like it won’t).

In a “Twitter Town Hall” meeting, a user going by the name “Ron” asked the President, “Where does America stand in space exploration?”

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Space Shuttle Atlantis Crawling To Launchpad

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I found an excellent article by NPR this morning about how the Space Shuttle actually makes it to the launch pad using the worlds largest land vehicle, known as “The Crawler”. While Cmndr. Kelly and the crew of Endeavor (STS 134) prepare to land , the Crawler is slowly wheeling Atlantis (STS 135) to the ready position. So for this science Tuesday click the link and you can read about this behemoth vehicle and the people who make it work or you can even click the audio button NPR provides and listen to the story while you work.

A vehicle that travels at 18,000 MPH gets wheeled out at less than 8 MPH.

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