Star Wars Insider: Sneak Preview Art

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Kindred Spirits is an original short prequel story to the novel Dark Disciple featuring Asajj Ventress and Lassa Rhayme, and written by author Christie Golden.  Insider issue #159 will be on sale July 21st.

Dark DiscipleReported by Geralyn

New Info for Untitled Ventress/Vos Novel

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Over on edelweiss they’ve posted some new info on Christie Golden’s upcoming Ventress/Vos novel.

The last story never told in The Clone Wars television saga: A tale of trust, betrayal, love, and evil starring the hugely popular ex-Sith/never-Jedi female bounty hunter, Asajj Ventress! A tale written but never aired, now turned into a brand-new novel with the creative collaboration of the Lucasfilm Story Group and Dave Filoni, Executive Producer and Director of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels!

When the Jedi decide to target Count Dooku—Darth Tyranus—himself, they turn to his ex-apprentice, Asajj Ventress, for help in getting close to the slippery Sith Lord. But when unexpected sparks fly between Ventress and Quinlan Vos, the unorthodox Jedi sent to work with her, the mission becomes a web of betrayal, alliances, secrets, and dark plotting that might just be the undoing of both Jedi and Sith—and everything in between!

Tentative Release Date: July 7, 2015 (Hardcover)

Convention Promotions: Star Wars Celebration Anaheim (4/15), Phoenix Comicon (6/15), San Diego Comic-Con (7/15) and New York Comic Con (10/15)

Based on a series of scripts written by Katie Lucas, George Lucas’s daughter, and developed with full collaborative effort by the Story Group and Dave Filoni, Executive Producer and Director ofThe Clone Wars television series, this new Star Wars novel brings to complex and exciting life a story planned for but never told on TV—and one of the most popular anti-heroines of the Star Wars galaxy: Asajj Ventress!

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The Asajj Ventress Gallery

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One of the most captivating characters from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and a source of heated rumors, Asajj Ventress is a figure that has latched on to the imaginations of Star Wars fans. From her rich personality to her striking looks, Ventress is person worth further focus.

Asajj was given birth on the page during the creation of Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. Concept artist Dermot Power designed a female apprentice for Darth Sidious. While Dooku was used instead, the design for Ventress didn’t go to waste. She was picked up for the Clone Wars. Leland Chee named her Asajj after Lady Asaji Washizua, a character from Akira Kurosawa’s Throne of Blood. She appeared in the Dark Horse comics, in video games,  in Genndy Tartakovsky’s Clone Wars, and later, Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Whether she’ll live to see the light of a day in future films or television series, one thing fans can look forward to is her appearance in Christie Golden’s upcoming novel which will be out next summer. Until then, let us enjoy the wonderfully dark and complex beauty that is Ventress. Continue Reading The Asajj Ventress Gallery…

Christie Golden to write Asajj Ventress and Quinlan Vos novel!

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Del Rey has revealed that author Christie Golden will be writing a Asajj Ventress/Quinlan Vos novel!

Exciting news from our panel Dave Filoni, executive producer and supervising director of Star Wars Rebels has announced Del Rey’s upcoming Star Wars novel. Starring Asajj Ventress and Quinlan Vos based on unaired Star Wars: The Clone Wars scripts, the book is being written by Christie Golden and is scheduled for publication in the summer of

And Bonus! Check out the exclusive art by Aaron Mcbride featuring Ventress’s new look.


Dave Filoni: “Ventress had become one of the most interesting characters…we had all this material, we had all these designs…This is based on scripts we had written with George Lucas…I’m super excited about this book.”

According to Jennifer Heddle (and the SDCC panel recap on, this novel will be geared more toward adults, and according to Pablo Hidalgo, will be able to dive deeper in ways the show could not.

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