Book Review: ‘Articles of the Federation’ by Keith R.A. DeCandido

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Articles of the Federation is a Star Trek novel following the politics of President Nanietta Bacco. It was written by Keith R. A. DeCandido and released in June of 2005.

If you’ve ever read a review of this book, you’ll know that everyone equates this book with The West Wing. The West Wing is hands down my favorite television series of all time. This got my attention, as I am a HUGE West Wing fan (we call ourselves Wingnuts I believe?), and may or may not have watched the series all the way through 20+ times. So when I got this book, I wondered how accurate those reviews were.

They were all right. This is The West Wing in Star Trek. There were entire plotlines that I knew exactly which episodes they came from. There were even scenes where I knew which West Wing scene they came from. There were literally lines of dialogue that I knew where he borrowed them from (I told you, I’m a huge West Wing fan). Some people might view this as cheap, but I thought it was brilliant! To the casual fan, Keith is able to tell great stories. To the superfans, he is able to make amazing references.

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