‘Lost Tribe of the Sith: Spiral’ Artwork

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Dark Horse Comics has posted some Lost Tribe of the Sith: Spiral artwork done by artist Andrea Mutti. The art includes colored and black and white character illustrations. You can check them out here.

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Inside Star Wars Insider #135

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Star Wars Insider #135 splashes the cover with some iconic characters as it kicks off a look back at 30 years of videogames. From Atari to The Old Republic, there’s quite a  collection of highlights. Beyond gaming, there’s an interview with The Clone Wars line producer Athena Portillo. Tricia Barr (FANgirl Blog) also has the honor of interview author Aaron Allston on his upcoming novel X-Wing: Mercy Kill. Aaron talks about Piggy, the new Yuuzhan Vong member of Wraith Squadron, and how he uses of humor in his books. I really liked the X-Wing art they used to illustrate the interview (which also includes a brief history of the X-Wing series). While the images aren’t new, they still look awesome. Continue Reading Inside Star Wars Insider #135…

New KOTOR: War ship class

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John Jackson Miller shared some neat info on a new ship class that will appear in the upcoming Knights of the Old Republic: War. The unnamed ship class is similar to the Hammerhead cruisers, but with a sideways prow. You can check out the details and the rough design here on John’s website. The final version can be seen in this preview excerpt posted by Dark Horse Comics.

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