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Aaron Allston has a couple original fiction eBooks currently on sale for just 99 cents each. First up is An Occurrence at Bifrost Ridge, a story about a man who makes the journey over into the realm of the Norse gods. The other eBook is Dead But Hostile, a collection of three revenge stories. You can find them both at ArcherRat Publishing.

While you’re there, be sure to pick up Five By Five if you haven’t already. Not only does it include an outstanding novella by Allston, but it features science fiction Kevin J. Anderson and Michael A. Stackpole as well.

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New eBook from Aaron Allston: An Occurrence At Bifrost Bridge

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Star Wars author Aaron Allston has released a new eBook entitled An Occurrence At Bifrost Bridge. The eBook is available at Amazon, ArcherRat Publishing, and Apple’s iBook store for just $2.99. An Occurrence at Bifrost Bridge is a short fantasy story set in the 1940s:

New York Times bestselling author Aaron Allston brings you the story of a mortal man and the Viking gods − a story of snowy hells, deception, and death. In late 1941, writer Jim Langley vanished from his home, leaving behind an unfinished suicide note, taking only his firearms and the clothes on his back. An Occurrence at Bifrost Bridge tells the story of that disapearance − of Mist the Valkyrie, of the horses Ash and Embla, of the Norse gods and the Fenris-Wolf, and of the mystical superhighway in the sky, the Bifrost Bridge. An Occurrence at Bifrost Bridge includes author’s notes about the history, inspiration, and writing of the story.

The short story comes in at 9,300 words (plus another 1,100 with Allston’s notes). If you check out ArcherRat Publishing’s store, you can also pick up an eBook copy of Aaron Allston’s Dead But Hostile, a collection of three short stories about revenge.

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