Marc Thompson

Voice actor Marc Thompson has narrated many Star Wars audiobooks, including The Old Republic: Deceived, the Legacy of the Force and Fate of the Jedi series.

How did you get started in voice acting?

MT: I studied acting in college. I auditioned for a cartoon on MTV called Daria. It was a spin off of Beavis and Butthead. I was cast in three roles. Then I kept getting recommended and cast in things.

What are your biggest challenges as a narrator?

MT: As a narrator, making long descriptions sound interesting.  Somethings work when you read them, but not when you read them out loud. I also feel weird doing female voices. I always imagine the listener rolling their eyes or laughing.

What preparations do you take before recording an audiobook?

MT: I read the book ahead of the time. I make a list of every character in the book who has dialogue and then try to find a voice for each one. This has become a challenge with the Star Wars books because over the years I have done over twenty books, and it’s hard to come up with distinct voices for all those characters.

Out of all the Star Wars audiobooks you’ve narrated, which book is your favorite and why?

MT: It’s honestly hard for me to answer that because Fate of the Jedi and Legacy of the Force are those huge nine book arcs. For me they blend together after awhile.  Although I will say that I like the idea of this planet of lost Sith and the pursuit of Abeloth. I have high hopes for how the authors plan on wrapping that all up.  I’m enjoying it a great deal.

How do you convey the emotional cues of the story?

MT: I treat it like a radio play.  It’s a one man show. So you just try to figure out what character is feeling at that moment.

How do you create unique voices for each Star Wars character?

MT: I reference the movies a lot.  I’m a huge fan.  So if a Mon Calamari is on screen, I try to glean things from that. Sometimes I pick celebrities or personalities I feel embody the spirit of the character. I tried to get Carol Channing into one of the books but the director said no…:(

Have there been any Star Wars terms or phrases you’ve struggled to pronounce?

MT: Yes many!!!!  I think I’ve pronounced ysalamiri seven different ways in one book.

What tips would you recommend for our readers interested in starting voice acting careers?

MT: Study acting.  It’s not just about having a pleasant sounding voice.

What are your upcoming projects?

MT: I’m prepping for an Old Republic book right now and soon we’ll be doing the last Fate of the Jedi book.

Marc Thompson confirmed that he will be narrating The Old Republic: Revan. Roqoo Depot would like to thank Marc Thompson for speaking to us.

Interviewed by: Dancelittleewok for Roqoo Depot.

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  1. Would you be able to find out if Marc is indeed recording Dark Force Rising and The Last Command?

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