Interview with upcoming Star Wars author Tim Lebbon

Sometime in Spring 2013, Star Wars fans will see the Dawn of the Jedi comic series make a leap into novels with Dawn of the Jedi: Into the Void. Author Tim Lebbon will break onto the Star Wars scene with a new cast of characters and a new adventure. However, who is Tim Lebbon? Well in case you’ve been wondering, we’ve got an interview with Tim that will hopefully shed some light on the subject.

You’ve been granted a Star Wars fan’s dream, the chance to create Star Wars lore.  Obviously you must feel honored.  With such a huge opportunity now opened, what’s the first thing you want to play with in the Star Wars Expanded Universe toy box?

TL: Yes, it’s a real honor, and I’m enjoying writing the novel immensely.  I am tied into the Dawn of the Jedi time frame, so to be honest the most exciting thing for me is creating my own characters to populate this exciting part of the Star Wars universe.

Previously you wrote the novelization for the movie 30 Days of Night, which in turn was based off of the comics.  Now you’ll be writing a novel based on the Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi comics.  Will you be trying to keep the same tone as the comics, or will Into the Void take a different approach?

TL: It’ll be a Tim Lebbon novel set in the Star Wars universe.  It’s very different from the 30 Days of Night job, as that was novelizing a screenplay––I was given the characters and the story and really had very little to play with.  Into the Void is an original novel––my characters, my story, but set in a universe that fans of Dawn of the Jedi will already recognize.

What kind of challenges are there in being plunged 30,000 years before the Star Wars movies?

TL: I think it’s actually easier writing in this time frame than it would be being plunged right into the middle of the original Star Wars trilogy.  I still have to make sure I pay attention to everything that’s been written before in the comics, but there’s not so much … yet.  And it’s pretty cool being able to create some of my own history about where and how things began…

How closely are you working with John Ostrander and Jan Duursema on Dawn of the Jedi: Into the Void?

TL: Very closely.

Star Wars readers will have a bit of a wait until Into the Void comes out.  Which of your books would you suggest to readers to check out in order to get an idea what to expect?

TL: Well I’ve written horror, such as the forthcoming Coldbrook from Hammer/Arrow, and fantasy novels, such as The Heretic Land from Orbit.  Into the Void, however, is already turning out to be something quite different, and that’s why I’m enjoying it so much.

We want to thank Tim for taking the time to answer our questions. For all of the Star Wars readers out there who would like to check out Tim’s work, you can find a full list of all his works on his site complete with links to retailers. If you’re interested in the two novels Tim mentions above, Coldbrook will be out in the UK on October 11, and The Heretic Land is already out in the UK and Australia. No word yet on when either title will get a US release.

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