External Interviews

For those looking for Star Wars interviews, be authors, actors or other celebrities, we’ve compiled a list of those conducted by other sites through the years.


Mike Mayhew Interview via Bleeding Cool, 8/2/13
John Jackson Miller Podcast Interview via All Wings Report In, 7/27/13
JAKe Interview via Jedi News, 7/25/13
Drew Karpyshyn Video Interview via Suvudu, 7/24/13
Betsy Mitchell Interview via The Book Smugglers, 7/24/13
Troy Denning Video Interview via Suvudu, 7/24/13
T.C. Carson and Stephen Stanton Podcast Interview via Full of Sith, 7/23/13
Carlos D’Anda, Gabe Eltaeb and Adam Hughes Podcast Interviews via Star Wars Action News, 7/21/13
J.W. Rinzler Video Interview via Jawa James, 7/21/13
Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman Video Interview via Jawa James, 7/20/13
John Jackson Miller Video Interview via Jawa James, 7/20/13
Randy Stradley and Doug Wheatley Video Interview via Yodanews, 7/20/13
Paul S. Kemp Interview via LegalNews.com, 7/19/13
JAKe, Matt Busch and Paul Allan Ballard Podcast Interview via TheForce.Net, 7/18/13
Kevin Hearne Video Interview via Suvudu, 7/18/13
John Jackson Miller Video Interview via Fandom Network, 7/18/13
Ian Doescher Interview via Suvudu, 7/17/13
J.W. Rinzler Interview via Comic Book Resources, 7/16/13
Dave Dorman Video Interview via Ucreatecomics, 7/15/13
Mike Mayhew and J.W. Rinzler Interview via PREVIEWSworld, 7/15/13
Mike Mayhew Interview via Bleeding Cool, 7/13/13
Troy Denning Video Q&A via RKBikerScout, 7/11/13
Troy Denning Podcast Interview via Star Wars Action News, 7/9/13
Troy Denning Interview via TheForce.Net, 7/9/13
Troy Denning Interview via Hollywood.com, 7/9/13
Joe Corroney Interview via Con Sweet Con, 7/4/13
Brian Rood, Chris Trevas and Jerry Vanderstelt Podcast Interview via TheForce.Net, 7/3/13
Jeffrey Brown Interview via Newsarama, 6/28/13
Jason Fry Interview via Barnes & Noble Blog, 6/28/13
Paul S. Kemp Interview via terribleminds, 6/27/13
Joe Corroney, Hugh Fleming and Lin Zy Podcast Interview via TheForce.Net, 6/27/13
Joe Corroney Interview via Jedi News, 6/27/13
Paul S. Kemp Twitter Chat via SFFWRTCHT, 6/26/13
Spencer Brinkerhoff III Interview via Jedi News, 6/26/13
Michael Hanson Interview via FANgirl Blog, 6/24/13
Brian Rood Interview via Jedi News, 6/22/13
Dave Dorman Interview via Galactic Squid, 6/18/13
J.W. Rinzler Interview via Newsarama, 6/12/13
Gabriel Hardman Interview via Comic Book Resources, 6/8/13
James S.A. Corey Interview via reddit, 6/6/13
Randy Stradley Interview via Club Jade, 6/5/13
Matthew Stover Interview via Fantasy Faction, 6/4/13
Matthew Stover Interview via John Scalzi, 5/29/13
James S.A. Corey Interview via Amazon Stories, 5/29/13
Anna Graves Interviews via Line In Audio, 5/24/13
J.W. Rinzler Interview via Huffington Post, 5/21/13
Tom Taylor Interview via Comic Vine, 5/20/13
Tim Lebbon Interview via TheForce.Net, 5/16/13
Tim Lebbon Interview via FANgirl Blog, 5/16/13
Tim Lebbon Interview via Lightsaber Rattling, 5/14/13
Martha Wells Interview via TOR.com, 5/14/13
Tim Lebbon Interview via Knights Archive, 5/13/13
Joe Gatt Interview via FANgirl Blog, 5/10/13
Kevin J. Anderson Audio Interview via Jerry Lentz, 5/10/13
Tim Lebbon Interview via Suvudu, 5/7/13
Gabriel Hardman Interview via Comic Book Resources, 5/6/13
Tim Lebbon Podcast Interview via Star Wars Action News, 5/6/13
Tim Lebbon Podcast Interview via Tech Talk, 5/4/13
Tim Lebbon Interview via Jedi News, 5/4/13
Simon Kinberg Interview via Los Angeles Times, 5/4/13
J.J. Abrams Interview via The New York Times, 5/3/13
Tim Lebbon Podcast Interview via Jedi Journals (starts around 41 minute mark), 5/1/13
J.J. Abrams Interview via BBC, 5/1/13
Jeffrey Brown, Daniel Wallace and J.W. Rinzler Video Interview via Chronicle Books, 5/1/13
Ian McDiarmid Interview via USA Today, 5/1/13
Anthony Daniels Interview via USA Today, 4/29/13
J.J. Abrams Interview via Playboy, 4/29/13
Dave Dorman Video Interview Part 1 and Part 2 via Slice of SciFi, 4/25/13
Brian Wood Interview via Comic Book Resources, 4/24/13
Michael A. Stackpole Interview via Entropy Central, 4/24/13
Martha Wells Interview voa Evan Ramspott, 4/21/13
Kathleen Kennedy Interview via ScreenSlame, 4/17/13
Tom Taylor Video Interview via IGN, 4/17/13
Daniel Wallace Interview via Suvudu, 4/16/13
Stephen Stanton Podcast Interview via Bombad Radio, 4/13/13
Randy Stradley Interview via Entertainment Weekly, 4/8/13
Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff Interview via EUCantina, 4/8/13
Randy Stradley Interview via Newsarama, 4/3/13
Dave Dorman Podcast Interview via From the Booth, 4/3/13
Randy Stradley Podcast Interview via Jedi Journals (starts at 13 minutes 50 seconds), 4/3/13
Sam Witwer Interview via MTV Geek, 4/3/13
Daniel Abraham Interview via Apex Magazine, 4/2/13
J.W. Rinzler Interview via Hollywood.com, 4/2/13
Ian McDiarmid Interview via SciFiNow, 3/25/13
Tom Kane Podcast Interview via Bombad Radio, 3/24/13
Alexander Freed Podcast Interview via Star Wars Bookworms, 3/23/13
Kevin J. Anderson Interview via Nocturnia, 3/21/13
Michael A. Stackpole Interview via Blazing A Trail, 3/19/2013
Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman Interview via Comicosity, 3/18/13
Jeff Grubb Interview via Random Wizard, 3/13/13
Drew Karpyshyn Interview with SciFi News, 2/27/13
Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman Interview via Rebelscum, 2/25/13
Mark Hamill Interview via ET Online, 2/20/13
Sam Witwer Interview via IGN, 2/19/13
Tim Siedell Interview via CBR, 2/19/13
Joe Corroney Interview via Somewhatnerdy, 2/14/13
Drew Karpyshyn, Paul S. Kemp, Troy Denning, John Jackson Miller, James Luceno, Michael Reaves, Christie Golden, and Aaron Allston Interview via Hollywood, 2/13/13
John Jackson Miller Interview via Evil Girlfriend with a Pen, 2/12/13
Randy Stradley Interview with CBR, 2/11/13
Lawrence Kasdon and Simon Kinberg Interview via IGN, 2/8/13
Timothy Zahn Interview via IGN, 2/6/13
Tom Taylor Interview via IGN, 2/5/13
Dave Filoni Interview via IGN, 2/4/13
Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman Interview via Geek of Oz, 2/2/13
Tim Lebbon Interview via SFFWRTCHT, 1/29/13
John Ostrander Interview via Western Fictioneers, 1/29/13
Paul S. Kemp Interview via SF Signal, 1/25/13
Tom Taylor Interview via Ausgamers, 1/25/13
Timothy Zahn Interview via Fictional Frontiers, 1/23/13
Tom Taylor Interview via IGN, 1/14/13
James S.A. Corey Interview via Locus Online, 1/11/13
Troy Denning Interview Part One and Part Two via FANgirl Blog, 1/7/13
Stephen Stanton Podcast Interview via SWU, 1/5/13
Paul S. Kemp Interview via examiner.com, 1/4/13
Timothy Zahn Interview via This Blog is Full of Words, 1/1/13

John Jackson Miller Interview via Nerd World News, 1/1/12
John Jackson Miller Interview via Comic Book Resources, 1/9/12
Drew Karpyshyn Interview via Castles and Cooks, 1/10/12
John Jackson Miller Twitter Live Chat, 1/10/12
Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff Interview via Paper Dragon Ink, 1/15/12
Paul S. Kemp Q&A via Reddit, 1/17/12
John Ostrander and Jan Duursema Interview via io9, 1/18/12
Ryder Windham Interview via TheForce.Net, 1/23/12
Jeff Grubb Interview via Roleplayers Chronicle, 1/23/12
Paul S. Kemp Interview via FANgirl Blog, 1/26/12
Ryder Windham Interview via Suvudu, 1/31/12
Dave Filoni Q&A via Facebook, 1/31/12
John Ostrander and Jan Duursema Interview via Los Angeles Times, 2/1/12
Daniel Wallace Podcast Interview via Why I Love Comics, 2/1/12
R.A. Salvatore Q&A via Reddit, 2/8/12
George Lucas Video Interview via Entertainment Weekly, 2/9/12
Joe Schreiber Audio Interview via Suvudu, 2/9/12
Daniel Wallace Interview via TheForce.Net, 2/10/12
John Jackson Miller Interview via Graphic Novel Reporter, 2/13/12
Jeff Grubb Interview via Thomas A. Knight, 2/15/12
Erik Bauersfeld (Ackbar) Interview via SFGate, 2/21/12
Anna Graves Interview via Star Wars in Character, 2/22/12
Matthew Wood Interview via Yahoo TV, 2/24/12
David Acord (voice actor and sound designer for TCW) Interview via Yahoo TV, 2/23/12
Catherine Taber Interview via Old Republic Radio, 2/28/12
Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff Interview via Knights Archive, 2/28/12
Paul S. Kemp Interview via Functional Nerds, 2/28/12
James Arnold Taylor Interview via Newsarama, 3/2/12
Daniel Logan Interview via Yahoo TV, 3/2/12
Anna Graves Interview via Star Wars Report, 3/2/12
Nika Futterman Interview via Yahoo TV, 3/2/12
Sam Witwer Interview via UGO, 3/5/12
Joe Schreiber Interview Part 1 via YahooTV, 3/6/12
Joe Schreiber Interview Part 2 via YahooTV, 3/6/12
Troy Denning Audio Interview via Fictional Frontiers, 3/8/12
Sean Williams Interview via Nicole Murphy, 3/12/12
Sam Witwer Audio Interview via Fictional Frontiers, 3/15/12
Sean Williams Interview via Rebecca Copley, 3/15/12
Sam Witwer Interview via Entertainment Weekly, 3/16/12
Chris Trevas Interview via MintInBox, 3/19/12
Troy Denning Interview via Suvudu, 3/20/12
Dave Filoni Interview via IGN, 3/21/12
Jason Fry Interview via EUCantina, 3/26/12
Ashley Eckstein and Jason Fry Audio Interview via Fictional Frontiers, 4/1/12
Interview with Sean Williams and Karen Miller via lisahannett.com, 4/2/12
Kevin J. Anderson Interview via M.O., 4/3/12
Dave Dorman Interview via PREVIEWSworld, 4/4/12
John Ostrander via Newsarama, 4/12/12
Jeff Grubb Audio Interview via Fictional Frontiers, 4/15/12
Jeff Grubb Interview via Geek Life, 4/17/12
Jason Fry Video Interview via Jawajames, 4/22/12
Tom Taylor Interview via Big Shiny Robot, 4/23/12
Drew Karpyshyn Interview via Tyler Paper, 4/23/12
Jeff Grubb Interview via EUCantina, 4/23/12
Jeff Grubb Interview via FANgirl Blog, 4/24/12
Tom Taylor Interview via CNN, 4/24/12
Jeff Grubb Interview via Suvudu, 4/24/12
Jeff Grubb Interview via TheForce.Net, 4/24/12
Tom Taylor Interview via Jedi Journals, 4/25/12
Tom Taylor Interview via Newsarama, 4/27/12
Jeff Grubb Interview via Big Shiny Robot, 4/30/12
Jeff Grubb Audio Interview via Star Wars Report, 4/30/12
James Arnold Taylor Interview via Sandtroopers.com, 4/30/12
Michael A. Stackpole Podcast Interview via Tosche Station Radio, 5/3/12
Doug Wheatley Interview via MintInBox, 5/9/12
Alan Dean Foster Interview via The DM Zone, 5/17/12
Ashley Eckstein Interview via Star Wars In Character, 5/20/12
Rick McCallum Interview via IGN, 5/20/12
Jeff Grubb Interview via SW Book Report, 5/21/12
Interview with Jennifer Heddle via EUCantina, 5/22/12
Drew Karpyshyn Q&A via SWTOR, 5/24/12
Tom Taylor Interview via CBR, 5/25/12
Paul S. Kemp Interview via The Founding Fields, 6/4/12
Paul S. Kemp Interview via Fictional Frontiers, 6/4/12
Paul S. Kemp Interview via Civilian Reader, 6/6/11
Paul S. Kemp Interview via Big Shiny Robot, 6/7/12
John Jackson Miller Interview via Fictional Frontiers, 6/8/12
John Jackson Miller Interview via Multiversity Comics, 6/8/12
Paul S. Kemp Interview via Battle Hymns, 6/11/12
Michael A. Stackpole Interview via SW Book Report, 6/11/12
Paul S. Kemp Interview via The Once & Future Podcast, 6/13/12
Tom Taylor Interview via Fictional Frontiers, 6/15/12
Paul S. Kemp Interview via SF Signal, 6/21/12
Scott Biel Interview via EUCantina, 6/21/12
Jason Fry Interview via SW Book Report, 6/22/12
Tom Taylor Interview via AccessReel, 6/23/12
Paul S. Kemp Interview via Functional Nerds, 6/26/12
Tom Taylor Interview via Kapow!, 6/27/12
Drew Karpyshyn Interview via Star Wars Old Republic Radio, 6/27/12
Michael A. Stackpole Interview via Fantasy Faction, 6/28/12
John Jackson Miller Interview via Jedi News, 7/11/12
Mark Hamill Interview via EW, 7/13/12
Dominic Robilliard (Star Wars 1313) Interview via Forbes, 7/10/12
Tom Taylor Interview via Big Shiny Robot, 7/16/12
Paul S. Kemp Interview via Skippy and Fanty, 7/16/12
Troy Denning Interview via mattormeg, 7/18/12
John Jackson Miller Interview via Wisconsin State Journal, 7/22/12
Tim Lebbon Interview via Jedi News, 8/8/12
Paul S. Kemp Interview via 42 Webs, 8/9/12
Paul S. Kemp Interview via Geek Life, 8/10/12
Paul S. Kemp Interview via Roleplayers Chronicle, 8/12/12
Christie Golden Interview via The Instance, 8/13/12
Shelly Shapiro Interview via FANgirlblog, 8/14/12
Drew Karpyshyn Interview via Eurogamer, 8/20/12
Marc Thompson Interview via Wired, 9/7/12
John Ostrander Interview via CBR, 9/11/12
Marc Thompson Interview via Jedi News, 9/12/12
Aaron Allston and Drew Karpyshyn Podcast Interview via Jedi Journals (Aaron starts at the 1 hour mark, Drew at 1:24:50), 9/12/12
Aaron Allston Interview via Fictional Frontiers, 9/14/12
Matt Lanter Interview via Wired, 9/16/12
Ashley Eckstein Interview via Wired, 9/17/12
Dee Bradley Baker Interview via Wired, 9/23/12
James Kahn Interview via Travis Heermann, 9/26/12
Sam Witwer Interview via IGN, 9/27/12
Dave Filoni Interview via TIME, 9/28/12
Pablo Hidalgo Interview via FANgirl Blog, 9/28/12
Pablo Hidalgo Interview via Suvudu, 10/2/12
Pablo Hidalgo Interview via Jedi News, 10/3/12
James Luceno and Pablo Hidalgo Interview via Jedi Journals, 10/3/12
Chris Trevas Interview via Lightsaber Rattling, 10/4/12
Ashley Eckstein Interview via Geeks are Sexy, 10/8/12
Drew Karpyshyn Interview via Bombad Radio, 10/9/12
Interviews with Aaron Allston, Drew Karpyshyn, Alexander Freed, and Ian Ryan via Fan Girl Next Door, 10/10/12
Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff Interview via Jawa James, 10/10/12
Kevin J. Anderson Interview via Port Haven, 10/12/12
Kevin J. Anderson Interview via Enterprise News, 10/12/12
Erich Schoeneweiss interview via EUCantina, 10/12/12
Kevin Hearne Interview via Suvudu, 10/12/12
Pablo Hidalgo Interview via Big Shiny Robot, 10/12/12
Ashley Eckstein Interview via Channel Guide Magazine, 10/14/12
Jeff Carlisle Interview via Suvudu, 10/14/12
Timothy Zahn Interview via Suvudu, 10/14/12
Martha Wells Interview, 10/15/12
Andrew Kishino Interview via StarWars.com, 10/17/12
Tim Lebbon Interview via My Bookish Ways, 10/19/12
Brian Wood NYCC Panel via Bleeding Cool, 10/19/12
James Luceno Interview via FANgirl Blog, 10/24/12
Dawn-Lyen Gerrera Interview via StarWars.com, 10/25/12
Matt Michnovetz Interview via Star Wars Book Report, 10/26/12
Dave Filoni Interview Part 1 and Part 2 via Previsualization Society, 10/30/12
David Collins Interview via Jedi News 10/31/12
Aaron Allston Dragon*Con Q&A via The Star Wars Report, 11/3/12
Timothy Zahn Interview via Entertainment Weekly, 11/2/12
Brian Wood Interview via Westfield Comics, 11/6/12
Drew Karpyshyn Interview via FANgirl Blog, 11/6/12
Drew Karpyshyn Interview via Knights Archive, 11/13/12
James Arnold Taylor Interview via IGN, 11/20/12
Drew Karpyshyn Interview via EUCantina, 11/20/12
Kevin Hearne Interview via My Bookish Ways, 11/23/12
Steve Sansweet Interview via Yodasnews, 11/29/12
John Jackson Miller Interview via Book In The Bag, 12/12/12
Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman Interview via CBR, 12/19/12
Randy Stradley Interview via FANgirl Blog, 12/21/12
Drew Karpyshyn Interview via The Star Wars Report, 12/23/12
Steve Sansweet Interview via Galactic Hunter, 12/24/12
Randy Stradley Interview via CBR, 12/26/12
Timothy Zahn Interview via Knights Archive, 12/31/12
George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy Interview Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4, and Part 5 via StarWars, 12/31/12


Scott Allie Interview via MTV, 2/24/2011
The Clone Wars Producer Nicolas Ricks via Tech Digest, 3/18/2011
John Jackson Miller Interview via Newsarama, 3/18/2011
Paul S. Kemp Interview via Lightsaber Rattling, 3/21/2011
Dave Filoni Interview via USA Weekend News, 3/24/2011
Crimson Empire III Interview with Mike Richardson and Randy Stradley via The Official Site, 3/25/2011
Dave Filoni Interview via Big Shiny Robot, 3/30/2011
Dave Filoni Interview via Entertainment Weekly, 4/3/2011
Tom Taylor Interview via The Sci-Fi Block, 4/21/2011
John Ostrander Interview via Comic Book Resources, 5/2/2011
Ashley Eckstein Interview via DIS Unplugged, 5/4/2011
Q&A with Peter Mayhew via Yodas News, 5/16/2011
Daniel Wallace Discusses Yoda via St. Petersberg Times, 5/20/2011
Sue Rostoni Interview via EU Cantina, 5/23/11
Interview with Aaron Allston via Suvudu, 6/1/2011
Interview with Alexander Freed via SWTOR, 6/4/2011
Interview with Sean Williams via Suvudu, 6/8/2011
Interview with John Jackson Miller (audio) via Fictional Frontiers, 6/10/2011
An Interview with Michael A. Stackpole: from a Galaxy, Far, Far Away to Conan the Barbarian vis Suvudu, 6/21/2011
The Dark Side: Interview with writer Scott Allie via Dark Horse, 6/24/11
Timothy Zahn Interview via Suvudu, 6/19/2011
Comic-Con 2011 Interview with Joe Schreiber (video) via Club Jade, 7/24/11
Alexander Freed Interview on the Lost Suns via Darth Hater, 7/25/2011
Harrison Ford Interview via blastr, 7/26/11
Billy Dee Williams “Nothing Personal” (video) via The Washington Post, 8/9/2011
Dave Filoni Interview via IGN, 8/26/11
Sean Williams Interview via Rowen Cory Daniells, 8/27/11
Dee Bradley Baker Interview via IGN, 9/6/11
Heir to the Empire Editor Betsy Mitchell Interview via Suvudu, 9/19/11
Stephen Stanton Podcast Interview via Star Wars in Character, 9/18/11
Ashley EcksteinDave FiloniCatherine Tabor, and Joel Aaron Interview via TheHDRoom, September 2011
Paul S. Kemp Interview via Omnivoracious, 9/25/11
Matt Lanter Interview via Yahoo, 9/26/11
Mark Hamill Interview via A.V. Club, 9/29/11
Michael A. Stackpole Interview via FANgirl Blog, 9/29/12
Kevin J. Anderson Interview via Geek Native, 9/30/11
Ryder Windham and Pete Vilmur Interview via StarWars.com, 10/6/11
John Ostrander and Jan Duursema Interview via Comic Book Resources, 10/13/11
Daniel Wallace Interview via Club Jade, 10/13/11
Haden Blackman Interview via Newsarama.com, 10/13/11
Ryder Windham Interview via Barnes & Noble, 10/18/11
“How to Speak Wookiee” JAKe Interview via StarWars.com, 10/21/11
Paul S. Kemp Interview via Suvudu, 10/25/11
Drew Karpyshyn Interview via Barnes & Noble, 11/3/11
John Jackson Miller Interview via TFAW, 11/9/11
Paul S. Kemp Interview (audio) via Fictional Frontiers, 11/9/11
Jennifer Heddle, Senior Editor Lucasbooks, Interview via Suvudu, 11/11/11
Drew Karpyshyn Interview via Suvudu, 11/15/11
Tom Taylor Interview via Marianne de Pierres, 11/16/11
Drew Karpyshyn Interview (audio) via Suvudu 11/24/11
Michael Reaves Interview via Suvudu, 11/30/11
Catherine Taber Interview via Club Jade, 11/30/11
John Ostrander Interview via Nerd World News, 11/30/11
John Ostrander Interview via Angry Koala Gear, 12/4/11
Tom Kane Interview via MTV, 12/5/11
John Ostrander Interview (audio) via TOR Syndicate, 12/5/11
John Ostrander Interview via Geek Crash Course, 12/7/11
John Ostrander Interview via Dark Horse Comics, 12/9/11
John Ostrander Interview via Invest Comics, 12/12/11
John Ostrander Interview via [insertgeekhere], 12/12/11
Frank Parisi Interview via FANgirl Blog, 12/12/11
John Ostrander Interview via Comic Book Fury, 12/13/11
Troy Denning Interview via Omnivoracious, 12/26/11
John Jackson Miller Interview via MTV, 12/30/11
John Jackson Miller Interview via Review Fix, 12/30/11


Interview with Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff via Knights Archive, 12/16/2010

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