Unnatural Acts

Unnatural Acts is a smooth, witty adventure that follow the exploits of a zombie private investigator in a city of monsters. From the ghost of William Shakespeare to an army of sweatshop golems, Dan Shamble, zombie P.I., covers some serious territory. Like the first book in the series, Death Warmed Over, this one combines enjoyable, colorful characters with fun mysteries and a heaping helping of humor. If you’re looking for something different to read, look no further.

As a sequel, Unnatural Acts does a good job of continuing the fun of the first book. Dan Shamble encounters more crazy cases with ghosts, zombies, golems, mummies, gremlins, and demons. Through the story, he puzzles through each one with clues leading him in circles or falling into his lap. Readers are kept engaged by the mystery of each case. Yet the mystery goes hand in hand with humor, as well as building up the world itself. Here and there Kevin J. Anderson answers the bizarre question of what it would be like to live in a society full of literal storybook monsters. It’s an intriguing question that allows for a lot of fun.

For readers who have not read Death Warmed Over, fear not, because this book covers all the basics you’ll need to know. New readers can dive into this novel without being lost as to who is who and what’s going on. Just as important, existing readers don’t need to worry about being beat over the head with a complete rehash of the previous book. There is a little recounting, but it’s kept brief and doesn’t interfere with the story. Things catch up quickly in the beginning, then kick forward as the cases start pouring in.

Beyond the little cases that occupy Dan’s day to day activities, there’s also a larger plot that comes into play. Led by a Senator Balfour, there’s a movement to pass legislation against the unnaturals. Thankfully the plot doesn’t dive into a bunch of tiresome politics. Instead it adds a new dimension to the setting of the story. The safety of the monster society comes into jeopardy. All of the characters are suddenly put at risk. With the insertion of just one simple plot idea, the turmoil level skyrockets. You can imagine how the fun increases from here.

In the end, Unnatural Acts is just plain fun. It’s an upbeat, enjoyable read littered with humor. The fantastical characters and scenarios keep things interesting. The story moves at a brisk pace that avoids any pockets of boredom. For such lighthearted fun, I give Unnatural Acts a solid four out of five metal bikinis. The book is a great way to spend a few evenings relaxing in your favorite reading chair.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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