Transformers: Monstrosity #2

Transformers: Monstrosity #2

Writers: Chris Metzen and Flint Dille
Artist: Livio Ramondelli
Letterer: Tom B. Long

Transformers: Monstrosity #2 continues to plunge readers into an engrossing story. Optimus Prime confronts the Dynobots and the Decepticons in a three way standoff that ends with a boom. Megatron struggles for survival on the harsh world of Junkion. And with everyone’s hopes at their lowest with the dwindling supply of energon, a new source is found. But there’s something else waiting in the depths of Cybertron.

The pacing of this issue is perfect. There’s jumping around between story threads but the nuggets of story are satisfying enough to keep you interested. Each chunk tosses in more action, more drama and more story development. No moment is wasted as the story drives forward.

On top of that is the gorgeous artwork of Livio Ramondelli. I love the transitions of the color palettes. The issue starts off with a burst of color as Autobots, Dynobots and Decepticons duke it out. Then the panels shift to brown earth tones as Megatron walks the desolate landscape of Junkion. Later in the issue, Decepticon headquarters is shown in a wash of purple as Scorponok shows just how cruel he can be. As a contrast, Autobot headquarters is lit with bright blue, though the situation is no less tense. Prime struggles to keep the factions united while Atlas clings to ideas of escape.

The plot movement in this issue was also a really nice touch. There’s no feeling of things being strung along or a stagnation as plot points move into place. Instead, it’s all gears forward. The mysterious problem with the Dynobots is revealed. Scorponok’s rule over the Decepticons becomes a clear case of brutal tyranny. Megatron nears the escape of his exile while also exploring the history of Junkion and the plight that threatens his own world. Meanwhile on Cybertron the autobots discover something that could solve all their problems…or make them immeasurably worse.

Monstrosity #2 rolls ahead full steam with an awesome story and great artwork. You couldn’t ask for a better comic and this series is turning out great. I give this issue a five out of five metal bikinis.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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