TIE Fighter #4

TIE Fighter #4 (of 5)

Artist: Jody Houser
Artist: Roge Antonio, and Ig Guara
Cover Artist: Tommy Lee Edwards

TIE Fighter #4 is a bridge issue setting readers up for the final one. Not much happens. We get a couple replacement cadets for squad five, the squad gets their orders for the next mission, and that’s it. The backup story this time explores Ganem, but it doesn’t really reveal much about him.

The issue opens with the two new cadets, Ro and Syrmo. They’re the top of their class and highly competitive with each other, but neither of them have any combat experience. Despite that, they’re thrown in Shadow Wing’s squad five to make up for the recent losses. Grandmother gives everyone the lowdown on their next mission, as well as Zin’s connection with the Rebels. The betrayal is interesting in that it lessens the loss of her since she was a traitor, but Teso and Ganem take it hard for not realizing she was a traitor to begin with. Not too mention Ganem loved her. The backstory in this issue focuses on Ganem, but goes back to his youthful days when he was about to go to the Academy. It highlights an interaction with his grandmother and her thoughts on the Empire, the Emperor, and pilots. It adds a little to Ganem, but not enough to where you would care if he died in the next issue. None of the characters are fleshed out that much.

The artwork is on par with the previous issues. It gets the job done, depicts the action, and captures some of the characters’ emotions. It’s not the best and not the worst, but it’s definitely on the better side.

With only one issue left, I’m not sure what kind of impact this mini-series is going to have. So far, it hasn’t done much. To be honest, the best way for it to have any impact would be to bring in a character from the book Alphabet Squadron. Alexander Freed had the time to flesh all those characters out, so anyone who has read the book would get something out of the comic if one of those characters showed up. Short of that, I’m not sure how this mini-series can pull off anything impactful. With good artwork and another okay story, I give TIE Fighter #4 a three out of five metal bikinis.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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