The Wyvern’s Spur

The Wyvern’s Spur is an unconventional sequel that’s brilliantly done. An unlucky, kind-hearted noble must help his family get back their most treasured heirloom. But in his way are unexpected guests, powerful sorcerers, and a destiny that could make him a monster. Spun as an intriguing string of mysteries, this fantasy tale is wonderfully entertaining.

The book is a sequel to Azure Bonds. In that novel, a female adventurer named Alias attempted to track down her past while battling dragons, sorcerers and bizarre creatures. Unlike most sequels, The Wyvern’s Spur does not carry on the main protagonist’s story. Instead it takes one of the side characters, Olive, a female halfling pickpocket and bard, and puts her in the costarring role. Next to her is Giogi, the gullible noble who must save the day. Giogi briefly appeared in Azure Bonds. He was such a minor character that I was shocked to find out The Wyvern’s Spur was about him. The real surprise was just how interesting his character turned out to be.

Of course Giogi and Olive embark on an adventure. This is a fantasy story after all. There’s dragons, wizards and undead. But what makes the story stand out is the plot. This isn’t an action filled slaughterfest or a suspenseful cloak and dagger story. Believe it or not, it’s a mystery. Characters play a huge role in the novel. Their dialog, internal monologues and quests for answers form the heart of the book. What is the Wyvern’s spur? Who took it? What does it do? Can so and so be trusted? That and dozens of other questions propel the reader along as answers become clear and new questions pop up. Through mystery and intrigue, the story is surprisingly compelling and hard to put down.

Due to the cast and the plot, The Wyvern’s Spur isn’t so much a sequel as a journey of its own. You don’t need to read Azure Bonds to enjoy it (though Azure Bonds was a good read, too). When comparing the two, I actually like The Wyvern’s Spur better. There’s some humor to it, a fun plot, great characters, and the prose works really well. All in all, it’s a good read, so good that I have to give it a superb five out of five metal bikinis.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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