The Star Wars #0

The Star Wars #0

Artists: Mike Mayhew, Sean Cooke, Kilian Plunkett, Stéphane Roux, Ryan Kinnaird and Scott Kolins
Colorist: Rain Beredo and Dan Jackson
Cover Artist: Nick Runge
I think it’s interesting to note that this special issue of The Star Wars features “but a small sampling of the literally hundreds of designs produced for the series.” Hundreds of designs. Reading that on the first page of The Star Wars #0, the artist in me was suddenly craving an entire book filled with artwork. Alas, we’ll all have to make due with this 32 page issue for now.If by chance you have not read any of the issues of The Star Wars yet, and you haven’t read the early draft of Star Wars, then be forewarned, there are some small spoilers in this issue as they discuss the designs and details of the characters. Each page features a group of uncolored sketches, early illustrations and designs, and small blurbs describing some of the characters and design work. There are even some quotes directly from Lucas’ draft.Some of the artwork featured in this issue has appeared already online in various interview articles over on Comic Book Resources. A lot of the artwork that’s new is very rough concept designs. Of those rough designs, some are colored and some aren’t. Other images include the panels from the comics but completely dialog free.

Buried in the blurbs on each page is some light story recaps, a few insights into how the designs came about and how the story followed along or deviated from Lucas’ draft, and some new info not mentioned yet in the comic.

Of all the artwork newly revealed in this issue, my favorite pieces are the ship designs. There’s one image that depicts 11 different fighter designs, many sporting duel cockpits, and all with a Joe Johnston style. That page is followed with even more designs, all of them with a nice attention to detail. The ship art goes on to cover freighters, floating cities and ground vehicles.

Another nice bonus is a section on the cover art. The first page shows some sketch designs by Nick Runge depicting covers not used for the final issues (and by the way, his thumbnail sketch for an unused cover for The Star Wars #1 would be totally awesome to have). Then there are near full page spreads for the variant cover artwork for The Star Wars #1.

Last but not least, the issue ends with ten pages of comic art done by Scott Kolins. This artwork is what was used to pitch the idea to George Lucas to get his blessing for the project. Scott’s art style is very different from Mike Mayhew, as is the coloring by Dan Jackson. It provides a very different look at how The Star Wars could have been with a different art team. While it’s not as photo realistic and stylish as what the official team is doing, I kind of like the retro style that Kolins and Jackson captured.

In the end, you may be wondering whether this issue is worth getting. It’s not as much a guide as other zero issues have been. There definitely isn’t as much info as say the Dawn of the Jedi #0. Still, there is a lot of nice artwork, and that’s basically the main draw of this issue. From sketches to a full ten page art pitch, there are a lot visuals to check out. If you’re interested in seeing more of the design elements and the evolution of the artwork, then this is definitely an issue you’ll want to pick up. As a bonus issue, I give The Star Wars #0 a four out of five metal bikinis.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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