The Serpent Sea

The Serpent Sea continues a fun adventure filled with strange creatures on wild adventures. Indigo Cloud is in search of their new home in the forest world of the Reaches. Yet finding home is just the beginning of their adventure. Moon, Stone, and Jade will have to venture out to sea in search of a city on a leviathan’s back. They encounter new races, wizards, and a mysterious Raksuran solitary in an entertaining tale that stretches right to the very end.

The novel manages to capture some of the magic of The Cloud Roads while blazing new paths of its own. Throughout the story, Moon encounters new creatures, places, and races. There’s the tree realm of the Raksura with its spindly, furry natives and tiny flying frogs. Then later on, the story dives into a roving city on a sea inhabited by blue skinned townsfolk, drunk fish people, and carnivorous, underground frog people. They are governed by powerful magisters who control trade with the outside world. Amid strange sea creatures and sinister magic users, things get pretty interesting.

Beyond the whimsical setting this story ventures a little farther in scope. Unlike the even, mellow pace of the first book, this one packs some punches. In fact I even found myself welling up with tears at one point, which goes to show how emotionally engaging of a story Martha Wells was able to create. There’s also some nice twists and turns that took me completely by surprise. It was a nice change of pace.

By now, I’m sold on this setting. It’s rich, exotic, and populated with deeply engrossing chracters. I want to see where the Indigo Cloud colony will go from here. I want to find out what will happen to the Sky Copper clutch. But most of all, I want to see what Martha Wells can come up with next for Moon, Jade, and Stone.

As a fantasy series, The Books of the Raksura offer escapism at its best. Everything is unexpected. There are no dull, stale, or common elements dragging down the story. Instead it stands apart ,and for the that freshness alone, it’s worth the journey. If you took the first step, you’ll most certainly be happy with this one. I give The Serpent Sea a five out of five metal bikinis. It met my expectations and then some.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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