The Perfect Weapon

“The Perfect Weapon” by Delilah S. Dawson is a short eBook starring a character from The Force Awakens. Bazine Netal is a mercenary for hire, and what she doesn’t know is that her next job is going to be more than she bargained for. It’s a fun story, a nice way to spend the evening, and an interesting way to expand on the upcoming movie.

For those who have been following along with The Force Awakens coverage, Bazine is the court jester like female draped in that big hulking Bossk like alien’s lap. In “The Perfect Weapon”, we get to find out about her background and how she wound up being a mercenary. We get some glimpses insider he head and at her personality. Plus, we get to see her in action.

The gist of the story is that Bazine is hired to retrieve a case. The catch is that someone else is after the case, so it’s a race. Who is the other operative? Who can she trust? And what exactly is in the case she’s sent to retrieve? Those questions and more drive the story along as the characters are fleshed out and put into action.


As a long time Star Wars reader, I enjoyed this story. It reminded me of the old Tales of books filled with short stories that expanded on the minor characters from the films. While “The Perfect Weapon” is only one story, it has that same feel. According to the eBook details, the story is 60 pages in length, so it’s a couple hours worth of reading and about twice as long as the short stories from the Tales of books. At only a couple bucks, it’s worth it.

For Dawson’s first journey into Star Wars storytelling, I think she did a good job with “The Perfect Weapon”. With just 60 pages to work with, it has some nice character exploration and bits of action. While she does use a massive McGuffin as part of the story, it still played out well. I’d love to see her take on some more Star Wars stories, and I think Bazine would be a cool character to follow up on. Most likely we won’t see much of the character in the movie, so it’s not like the story will be vital to the film, but with all books being canon, it will be fun to see that character on screen and to know a bit more about her than everyone else in the theater.

For kicking out a fun tie-in story for The Force Awakens, I give “The Perfect Weapon” a five out of five metal bikinis.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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