The Other Dead #4

The Other Dead #4

Writer/Co-creator: Joshua Ortega
Co-creator: Digger T. Mesch
Artist: Qing Ping Mui
Colorist: Blond
Letterer: Tom B. Long
Cover Artists: Mike Shoykhet (regular cover), Tim Vigil with colors by Blond (cover RI) and Kevin Eastman & David Millgate with colors by Blond (subscription variant cover)

The Other Dead #4 is a little bit of a slow issue as the characters move out of the storm and into the woods. They deal with some zombie rats, alligators and even an undead manatee. With the President in tow, they hook up with Chet, and one of my first gripes with the issue.

Chet is portrayed as the stereotypical redneck. His politics are right wing, he’s a gun nut, heck, he even has a Confederate flag over his fireplace. He’s also as racist as can be. In fact he even makes a racist comment right to the President’s face. The issue shows off his gun room with pictures of Ronald Reagan, Rush Limbaugh and Stephen Colbert on the wall. For me, the portrayal of the character didn’t just fall flat, it struck me in a very negative manner. I’m tired of seeing this stereotype portrayal. It’s been overly done, it sets a bad impression that people begin to mistake for reality, and it’s lazy storytelling. Rather than giving readers something new or something unexpected, they just plop down more of the same old tired stuff. So, moving on.

My second gripe with this issue is the careless illustrations of the guns. The rifle Chet has is loosely modeled after the classic M-16 rifle used by the U.S. in Vietnam. The problem is that I can’t tell if the artist is purposefully drawing the rifle wrong or if they didn’t take the time to look at picture of one because the rendering is that bad. Then there’s a picture of the President loading a pump action shotgun as if it was a break open action (like the old stagecoach shotguns, you pop the barrels down and load it from the rear). Again, I can’t tell if the drawing is just that poorly drawn or if they don’t know how that kind of shotgun works. Plus there’s the carelessness of the characters as they put their fingers on the triggers as they load their weapons. That’s a big no no and a good way to shoot yourself.

With that out of the way, the rest of the story isn’t too bad. There’s some action, some tension, some humor and some foreshadowing. The art is pretty good and captures a lot of detail. The unique style of the artwork sets it apart from other artists.

The story sort of coasts in the beginning as they deal with the hurricane. It picks up with their meeting with Chet and his redneck retreat. While we don’t get a lot of payoff in this issue, the story builds up to it. The characters now have guns, including the President. They are holed up in the middle of nowhere with night creeping in. There is a mounting herd of undead deer gathering in the woods. A battle is coming. In the next issue, we should finally get what we’ve been waiting for: the President slaying zombies.

Minus my gripes, I’d give this issue a three and a half out of five or maybe even a four if they could have done something better with Chet. As is, I give The Other Dead #4 a three out of five metal bikinis. It’s different, but not a must read comic.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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