The Ogre’s Pact

The Ogre’s Pact is a classic tale of princess rescue that’s been given a tweak or two then filtered through the shade of a bizarre dream. To say the least, it’s not really your typical fantasy story. Instead Troy Denning takes readers into a far off place in the Forgotten Realms filled with giants. There’s a princess, there’s a thief, and just about every type of giant you could imagine. So begins this tall tale.

Now I’m not well versed in fantasy or the Realms, but I’ve read a dozen or two novels in the genre. I’ve heard of stone giants and ogres, even firbolgs and verbeegs. But have you ever heard of hill giants, fire giants, cloud, storm, or frost? Well there’s that and more. From dancing fire giants to ogre shaman, firbolg scouts and verbeeg runecasters, and even fomorian slave dancers and a hill giant chieftain, there’s a little bit of everything. If there’s one thing Troy certainly succeeded in doing, it’s writing a story filled to the brim with giants.

Action-wise there’s a lot of excitement in The Ogre’s Pact. A firbolg scout named Tavis must save the princess Brianna whose been kidnapped. Along the way, Tavis and his companions battle a horde of ogres, a relentless and powerful shaman, and get caught in a colossal hill giant battle. There’s humor, drama, pain, and suspense as the story steams ahead at full pace. If you’ve read a Troy Denning novel, then you know what to expect: fast pace, action, fun characters, and a good story. And in this case there’s something about the giants and giant-kin that really kept me glued to the story and plunging onward. The ingredients here work very well.

In comparison to other stories, this one is a nice change in pace. Fantasy readers often get to read about elves, dwarves, and orcs, but very rarely about giants and giant-kin. Add to that exploration of giants a fun batch of characters and a princess who can believable hold her own in a fight or argument without coming off like a Mary Sue, and you’ve got a great little story. I also really enjoyed how the end wrapped things up enough that it didn’t feel like a cliffhanger.

That said, there’s two more books in this series and I’ll certainly be devouring them next. The Ogre’s Pact gets a towering five out of five metal bikinis for being fun, satisfying, and fresh.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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