The Last Jedi: The Visual Dictionary

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Jedi: The Visual Dictionary is a 80 page hardcover showcasing the characters, ships, vehicles, creatures, droids and equipment of the film. No matter what your age, there’s some fun visuals and information in this book. Whether you’re looking for the name of a character or a better image of one of the Canto Bight aliens, there’s a good chance you’ll find it.

There’s even a new galaxy map.

If you’ve checked out the previous visual dictionaries, this one follows the same format with excellent pictures and little tidbits of information for each. There’s a lot of great content packed in that helps answer some of the minor questions you might have from watching the movie. If you noticed that big hulking alien in the background shots of the Resistance briefing, you can find his name here as well as his species and role. There’s images of the new Resistance pilot helmets, and there’s details on all the new ships and vehicles. There’s even some info on those weird purple aliens in Snoke’s throne room. Whether you’re a cosplayer looking for good reference shots or a fan wondering who all those background characters are, you’ll find it here.

As for the deeper answers on some of the mysteries of The Last Jedi, this book only adds a few more tantalizing details that raise more questions than answers. It’s a bit of a treasure hunt as the info is buried here and there among the pages, but if you keep a keen eye, there’s some interesting factoids hidden in there. For instance, there’s some odd details about the scars and damage on Snoke’s face that might explain, a little bit, why he’s so messed up looking. There’s a line about Resistance pilots from the battle of Starkiller base scattering to other evacuation points and missions, which might explain why some of those familiar pilots weren’t in this movie. The book makes mention that the First Order does not have a throne world. There’s even some info on Luke Skywalker, Lor San Tekka and the map to the first Jedi temple. There’s not a ton of info, but there is some interesting stuff.

For Star Wars fans, The Visual Dictionary is kind of a must have for those looking to dive deeper into the film. At 80 pages, it’s a quick read, especially since most of it is just pictures and labels for the images. Beyond just adding to the movie, it also adds to the book Canto Bight as there are images of all the main characters from those stories. And there’s even some images from the cut scenes in the film which will be showing up later on the Blu-ray release. So whether you’re a casual fan or a hardcore Star Wars geek, The Last Jedi: The Visual Dictionary is definitely worth checking out. I give it a four out of five metal bikinis.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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