The Last Jedi #2

The Last Jedi #2

Writer: Gary Whitta
Artist: Michael Walsh
Colorist: Mike Spencer
Letterer: Travis Lanham
Cover Artist: Kamome Shirahama

Much like the first issue, The Last Jedi #2 reads like a slightly alternate take on the film. Most of it is the same, but some of the dialog is different. You could even say “improved”. And there are some small additions. It’s interesting, but it also makes the whole canon thing murkier than ever.

The story covers Kylo Ren’s strafing run on Leia’s ship and goes all they way to Rey’s first lesson from Luke. New material includes Ackbar’s last words before he dies, a scene many thought the movie was missing, narration from Leia while she’s in space, which actually helps the flow of that scene and really is an improvement. There’s additional dialog from Luke when he agrees to teach Rey. He remarks on how similar her journey is to how his started on Tatooine on a desert with a droid. It softens the hard edges on Luke and helps create more of a bond between him and her. The end lesson includes narration from Luke which offers insight on what he’s thinking. Not only is he afraid of Rey because of how powerful and similar to Ben she is, but how much she reminds him of himself. The conversation between Holdo and Poe is also different, and makes more sense. She mentions that she does indeed have a plan, but she purposefully lets Poe know that she’s not going to tell him the plan because of how he’s acted. The scene with Maz also shows us her perspective with everyone else in a hologram, though we don’t really get to see too much extra from her viewpoint. However, the dialog is a bit different.

So here’s the thing, this comic contradicts the movie. It has dialog not in the film. Yet this comic is supposedly canon, as is the film. How are fans suppose to treat this? Are we suppose to merge the two, pick which ever one we like best, or are we to assume this comic isn’t canon even though they’re not coming out and saying it? Then there’s the other matter, is this version of the story better than the movie? Personally, I liked The Last Jedi, but I can also see how this version of the story is a bit better. But this is also being written after the fan backlash and critical response, so it has the benefit of addressing issues that might have slipped by. You can’t completely fault Ryan Johnson and claim Gary Whitta would have been a better writer since Gary wouldn’t have had all the fan response to go off of if he’d had been given a pass at the script before they made the film.

Story aside, the artwork is still not great. It’s the biggest weakness with this adaptation, and it’s easily the worst Star Wars artwork Marvel is putting out right now. Seriously. All of their other Star Wars series right now have better artists. Some of the panels in this issue are just plain bad. The character depictions are sometimes pretty awful. It’s not a pleasant thing to look at.

With great writing and poor artwork, I give this issue a two out of five metal bikinis. If the editors had picked some better artists, this issue could easily have been a four out of five. As is, it leaves you wanting something a lot better.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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