The Hall of Heroes

With the first book, Hell’s Heart, John Jackson Miller kicked off a really fun and compelling story driven by the Klingons. In the second book, The Jackal’s Trick, things got more interesting as the illusionist aspect of the story was explored. The third and final book, The Hall of Heroes, brings it all together with one final push from the villains and a final redemption for the heroes. It pulls in surprises and some crafty character turns to wrap this series up on a high note.

Roje looked back at the bishop. “Do your people consider it a sin to kill the unwary?”

“Not demons,” Labarya said.

To ramp this book up, there are three key ingredients at work. First there is Shift, Bruxton Cross’ former apprentice, who has been revealed to be a Breen agent. Shift brings the Breen into the story, as well as the Kinshaya, as they complicate the political turmoil in Klingon space. This avenue also allows the story to explore Shift’s origins, how she wound up with the Breen, and a bit about Breen culture.

The second driving force is the Unsung. They started out as a tool for Korgh’s revenge. Now they’ve become a victim of deception. Through the story, Worf and Kahless really do a number on them as they try to undo the damage that Cross did. This reshaping of the Unsung is one of the best parts of the story. Their shift in direction is carefully handled so it makes sense and fits into the story. It also allows for a very fun new vector for this Klingon wildcard.

Then there is the Circle of Jilaan. In one way or another, they’ve been in play throughout the series. There’s been Cross, Shift, and with The Hall of Heroes, a third actor takes the stage. It adds a nice angle to the story that complements the other factors at play and glues everything together.

In the end, Prey weaves together all the subplots and the various characters into a delicately staged resolution. There is war, battles on land and in space, deception and double crosses. It’s a duel of tricksters as the villains and even the heroes try to outsmart each other. Whether you’re a hardcover Star Trek fan or just a casual fan, it’s entertaining from beginning to end. The Hall of Heroes wraps the trilogy up as a fun read, one I would highly recommend. I give it a five out of five metal bikinis.


Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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