The Dragon Business, Part 2

The Dragon Business

Episodes 5 through 8:


The second half of The Dragon Business wraps up with more schemes, fun gags and enjoyable character moments. It also ups the ante of of the story by breaking out a real dragon. For all this time, the main characters have been putting on a show slaying fake dragons.  Now they have to face the real deal.

As part of their new adventure, Cullin, Reeger and Sir Dalbry team up with the former Princess Affonyl. Tired of being a princess, and resourceful in her own right, she joins the group in their dragon business trade. In an unforeseen turn of events, they wind up with a band of zealous, wannabe knights, and get trapped in a quest to slay a real dragon. With riches and princesses on the line, the dragon business turns serious. Cullin certainly has an adventure in store for him.

Like the previous half of the story, Kevin J. Anderson continues to weave in modern day references and plenty of jokes. They range from dragons getting the munchies, to evil wizard conglomerates and self-published knight’s manuals. Sometimes they can detract from the story and break the mystique of the time period, but sometimes they’re funny. Perhaps most importantly, they’re a reminder to not be too serious. This is a story about fun and light hearted adventure, and on that count, it delivers.

Overall, I was pleased by the ending and the twists and turns the story took to get there. I bonded with the characters, and by the story’s end, I wanted to see them go on for more adventures. As a lighthearted tale of medieval scam artists, The Dragon Business is a fun read. It’s also a humorous jab at storytelling and the writing business in general. Playful, witty and entertaining, I give The Dragon Business a four out of five metal bikinis. It has a strong start and a good finish.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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