Superior Iron Man #9

Superior Iron Man #9

Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Yildiray Cinar
Colorist: Guru-eFX
Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Cover Artist: Mike Choi

The best thing about Superior Iron Man #9 is the cover. The rest is a let down. I don’t think most people pick up a Marvel comic for dystopic superhero fiction. Reading a depressing Iron Man story is a terrible way to spend part of your evening. And yet that’s what Superior Iron Man #9 has to offer. At least Mike Choi churned out an awesome cover for it, as deceptive as it is.

One of the problems with Superior Iron Man is he can’t be stopped. His symbiote armor has made him invincible. When ever it looks like Tony might be beat, his armor comes to the rescue and saves the day. It’s become a gimmick. All of the characters the comic has introduced have failed to stop Tony and his unstoppable armor. Teen Abomination can’t stop him. The A.I. copy of himself can’t stop him. Even Pepper Potts, as triumphant as she might look on the cover, can’t stop him. Without a legitimate threat, the story lacks suspense and consequence. It’s become boring. We’re nine issues into the series and all I want is for someone to stop Tony Stark. That leads me to the second glaring flaw.

There is no hero in Superior Iron Man. Tony is corrupt. The A.I. copy of himself is questionably corrupt. Daredevil was brought in early and taken out fast, leaving a void in his wake. Pepper would have been perfect to fill the void, but the series has made her powerless. I thought maybe Teen Abomination could have done the trick, but this issue put an end to that hope. There’s just no one to root for.

As is, I’m done with Superior Iron Man. This series has failed to create captivating characters. It’s failed to weave together an interesting story. In the end, it’s a mediocre series with a weak storytelling and average artwork. It’s rough and brutal, but that’s the sum of it. I give Superior Iron Man #9 a two and a half metal bikinis out of five and bid it farewell.

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