Superior Iron Man #6

Superior Iron Man #6

Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Laura Braga
Colorist: Guru-eFX
Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Designer: Summer Lacy
Cover Artists: Mike Choi (standard), Annie Wu (Women of Marvel variant)

In a unique spin, Superior Iron Man #6 takes the action into the high rises as Tony Stark tries to buy out a media mogul. For backup, he brings Teen Abomination. When Tony’s negotiating tactics don’t work out, things get physical and that’s when the fun begins.

One interesting thing about this story is that it shows the drawbacks of Tony Stark’s personality. His smart ass mouth gets him in trouble, and his overconfidence does him no good. Sometimes money can’t buy the things you want, especially if you don’t ask nicely. Even throwing on another billion fails to solve Tony’s problem.

Tom Taylor does a great job of capturing personalities in this issue. Tony is certainly at the forefront, but there’s also a nice presence by Pepper who manages to outsmart Tony. While Teen Abomination doesn’t have any lines, his personality comes out strong through the artwork. Even the old media guy who won’t cave in to Tony’s demands stands out as a strong personality.

Along with the writing and characters, the artwork also shines in this one. With the change in locales, the artists get to have some fun in non-typical environments. The boardroom meeting means people in business suits and people of wealth and power. Tony and Teen abomination even break out suits. The scenes lend some great close-up shots of the characters’ faces. Personally, I really liked the scene where they first show Teen Abomination in his suit. While he’s not the literally 800lb gorilla in the room, he’s definitely the figurative equivalent. But the real accomplishment is how much emotion and fun the artists are able to squeeze into scenes that could have easily been boring. I mean, they are in a boardroom meeting after all. Yet Tom Taylor’s dialog keeps it humorous, and the art team has Tony chewing up the scenery. It works great.

As for the story, this one ties in a few threads that have been building and throws things into motion. Pepper has played her card, and we’ll find out in the next issue if it pays off. Yet the other question is what is Tony up to? Is his acquisition of a media company and weapons deals with governments a red herring or something yet to be revealed? Either way, I’m looking forward to how things turn out.

I give Superior Iron Man #6 a five out of five metal bikinis. The art has improved with the change in artists, the story has taken an upswing and overall this series is getting better. With things back on track, the future is looking brighter.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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