Superior Iron Man #2

Superior Iron Man #2

Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Yildiray Cinar
Colorist: Guru-eFX
Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles
Cover Artist: Mike Choi (standard cover), and Phil Noto (variant cover)

With Superior Iron Man #2, we see a more sinister side of Tony Stark. Issue by issue, he slips further to the dark side, and each chunk of the story ensnares more of the hapless populace with him. In this issue we see Daredevil come to the forefront as he confronts Tony and his use of the Extremis 3.0 App. But can the blind hero with super senses stand up to Stark’s superior technology?

As someone who is not familiar with Daredevil, Tom Taylor does a good job at using the character in a way that’s not confusing to new readers. Within the story we’re introduced to the idea that while Daredevil is blind, his heightened senses still allow him to perceive his surroundings. We’re also introduced to his intelligence. Daredevil is a smart guy. He quickly picks up on what Tony is doing and how the Extremis app will damage society if it’s not checked. He also has a really solid plan when trying to take Tony down. However, the confrontation introduces one of the themes of the issue: the dangers of unchecked technology.

No dot coloring.

The idea that people can download an app to their phone that will make them smarter, healthier and more attractive is an interesting way to look at our reliance on technology. We live in an age where people are married to their phones. The devices have become very versatile. Yet if they could do more, it they could actually improve people, the question becomes ‘what’s the fallout?’ First off you introduce a division to society, those with and those without. Secondly you create an insatient demand for a product, because who doesn’t want to be smarter, healthier and more attractive at the push of a button? The more powerful a technology becomes, the more dangerous it inherently is. This also applies to Tony’s symbiotic suit. He’s fully embraced technology and, in the process, thrown all caution to the wind. For him, he does not see the danger. The irony is the blind man does.

Some subtle dot coloring with the background building.

While the story for this issue is strong, the same cannot be said about the artwork. It’s good, but not great. There’s nothing wrong with the cover, as it’s gorgeous, but the interior art doesn’t look as good as the first issue. There are a lot of heavy, thick lines and big, black panel blocks, but the thing that got me was the coloring. At times, the coloring is great, but some panels look awful. For instance, there’s a shot of Stark Island which is all bright and glossy. The next panel shows Daredevil and Tony Stark, and for some reason they’re colored with old school dots. I cannot figure out why they did that. Throughout the issue, the dot coloring shows up, and each time it’s jarring. It’s a contrast of styles that does not look good at all. Most of the daylight scenes are all done in full, rich colors, but the dot coloring creeps in a lot with the night scenes.

Heavy dot coloring of the characters degrading the quality of the art.

With a good story and okay artwork, I give Superior Iron Man #2 a four out of five metal bikinis. The strength of the story helps out a lot, and while the artwork has some misses, there are still some great panels hidden within.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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