Star Wars Purge: The Tyrant’s Fist Review

Star Wars Purge 1

script: Alexander Freed
art: Marco Castiello & Andrea Chella
Colors: Michael Atiyeh
Lettering: Michael Heisler
Cover art: Dan Scott


Emperor Palpatine’s new order sweeps across the galaxy, transforming the democratic Republic into a totalitarian Empire with no room for resistance or free thought. 

Yet while many planets welcome Palpatine’s influence, others cling to the past. Survivors of the decimated Jedi Order—once protectors of the galaxy, now fugitives marked for death—foment rebellion and seek to destroy what Palpatine builds. 

Emperor Palpatine’s deadly enforcer, Darth Vader, has grown obsessed with the Jedi’s destruction—an obsession that has clouded his vision in the past. At his master’s bidding, he has ventured to an outlying Imperial world to end a Jedi-backed insurgency . . .

On the planet Vaklin Darth Vader is attempting to end a rebellion by capturing or killing the last remaining Jedi leader, Cho’na Bene.  Vader’s not having much success as Bene continues to thwart Vader’s effort, and the locals aren’t too thrilled about being under Imperial control either.  They’re not buying the Empire’s propaganda on the reason for the demise of the Jedi Order.  It seems the Vaklins were grateful to the Jedi for recruiting their best, saving them from a life in the mines, and they haven’t forgotten what the Jedi did for Vaklin during the Clone Wars.

It’s dawned on the Empire that they have a real problem on their hands.  As one of the Imperials puts it, the Vaklins have Jedi in their blood.  Killing Bene won’t end the rebellion.  True to character, Vader vows to kill Bene and crush the rebellion.  Vader leaves the meeting to interrogate a Jedi prisoner — fun aside here: the Jedi is a Barabel.  As the Jedi gives up Bene’s hiding place, the insurgents strike and bomb the Imperial command center in an attempt to free the Barabel.  Both the insurgents and the Jedi are killed in the attempt which the Imperials consider a failure.  However the Vaklin view is very different.  They see a valiant strike and a martyred hero.  As well, the Imperials are forced to withdraw to their star destroyer while the command center bomb damage is repaired.

It’s at this point that Vader makes a serious mistake.  He suggests to Palpatine that they simply destroy the planet by orbital bombardment.  Palpatine is greatly displeased and warns Vader that if he cannot think like a ruler rather than a soldier, the Emperor will find other duties for him.  Vader is forced to think and act in a new direction and he calls on the expertise of  Major Namada and her understanding of the Vaklins.  He will use what the Vaklins are to defeat them and end their rebellion.

I find the premise of The Tyrant’s Fist an interesting and intriguing one.  Given that this is early in the Dark Times, we can safely assume this will be a failed rebellion.  Just as in Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison, it’s a subordinate Imperial officer who narrates the story.  Imperial officer associates of Vader tend to not fair well — they so often end up dead — and I’m wondering how Major Namada’s fate is going to play out.  As well, this is a short two-issue series, but as is often the case, the interest isn’t in the destination, but the journey itself.  With only one remaining issue (unless this leads into something else) I really have no idea how this will end, but I’m hoping for some surprises.  This premier issue has definitely been a satisfying read.

Both the writing and the art in this issue were well done.  I particularly enjoyed the depiction of the alien Jedi, Cho’na Bene and his Barabel Jedi associate.  The combat scenes were believable and there was a nice touch when Vader slams his fist down on a table and shatters a portion of it.  The only thing that felt slightly off was the Emperor’s face, but even then, I wasn’t left trying to figure out just who Vader was talking to.  Altogether, this was a satisfying comic.

For this opening issue of a two-parter, I’d give this five bikinis.

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