Star Wars Adventures #17

Star Wars Adventures #17

Writera: Chris “Doc” Wyatt, Kevin, Burke, and Michael Moreci
Artists: Valentina Pinto, and Arianna Florean
Colorists: Valentina Pinto, and Adele Matera
Layout Assists: Luca Colandrea
Letterer: Tom B. Long
Cover Artists: Valentina Pinto (Cover A), Arianna Florean (Cover B), and Nicoletta Baldari (RI Cover)

The first story in this issue is “Sector 7-E” which stars Kaz from the Star Wars Resistance animated show. It’s an okay story, though more suitable for younger audiences than adult audiences as it’s a little ridiculous with the pipe stuff. Basically Kaz and BB-8 run into some pirates and deal with them. The complication is BB-8 gets sucked through a bunch of pipes while almost being destroyed. The artwork is okay, though I was really disappointed in the pirates. They were just some normal looking humans who didn’t even have interesting pirate outfits.

The second story is part four of the whole Flight of the Falcon series. It’s called “Lady and the Tramp” and features Han and Lady Proxima. In this one, Han returns to Corellia later in his life with Chewbacca tagging alone. As soon as they show up, Moloch spots them and brings them to Proxima who still has a grudge against him after all this time. It’s kind of funny. There’s a good line about scars, and Han pulls the thermal detonator trick again, but this time it’s a real detonator. It ends with him and Chewie escaping, and Proxima offering to help Bazine who is still trying to find the Falcon. The story isn’t too bad, and the artwork is really nice. It’s a fun style with clean lines, vibrant colors and good detail.

Overall, not too bad. I give this one a three out of five metal baby nexus.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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