Star Wars #6

Star Wars #6

Writer: Brian Wood
Artist: Carlos D’Anda
Colorist: Gabe Eltaeb
Letterer: Michael Heisler
Cover Artist: Rodolfo Migliari

Star Wars #6 picks up with battered and beaten Leia in the confines of a ruined X-wing starfighter. With the Empire just moments away from finishing the job off, Leia and her squadron have to come up with a plan quick. This issue focuses on that close call with lots of starfighter and space scenes. Yet things get a little chaotic in the end as attention turns elsewhere.

Skuldren: The first panel in this issue has a nice shock value that quickly puts readers right back into the story. Leia is hurt. Her starfighter is trashed. Wedge and fellow pilot Tess are stuck in a bad situation. They can’t leave without Leia, and the Empire is hot on their heels. While I liked the drama of the situation, I was just a little off balance with Leia’s defeatism. She’s badly wounded and easily accepts that she’s going to die and won’t be around much longer. EU aside, the film character of Leia never struck me as a person who would give up easy, whether shot on Endor, being tortured by Darth Vader or threatened with the destruction of her home planet. Still, the scenes in the beginning play out pretty well. Wedge doesn’t freak out and Luke and Prithi show up to bolster their numbers. They manage to tinker with a couple Incom fusial thrust reactors from Leia’s X-wing to make a bomb that blows up the pursuing Imperial fleet. On that note, it seems a bit of a convenient stretch. For instance, why aren’t all the ships using bombs like that if they’re so powerful? Regardless, it saves the day and allows them to head home.

Geralyn: Well, in all fairness to Leia, she was badly wounded and only her astromech’s ability to induce coma saved her life.  And the good news is, with Leia out of commission for the time being, Wedge and Luke are both promoted and given full security clearance by Mon Mothma.  Wedge is now in command of the special squadron, and he doesn’t waste any time taking charge.  He’s decisive and clear-sighted about situation, but demonstrates none of the abrasiveness Leia was displaying.  I hope this portends more good Wedge involvement, because honestly he seems a much better fit to lead the special X-wing squadron than either Leia or Luke.  They’re just too emotionally involved to be optimally effective.

Skuldren: The momentum of the story really dies down after the squadron’s escape from the Imperials. While Luke and Wedge are getting their promotions, Leia is making her recovery in a bacta tube. The last three pages of the issue are also very garbled. There are a bunch of panels jumping around one after another. Each panel touches upon a different story thread: the Imperial subordinate Birra Seah whom Vader has entrusted with the Death Star, a scene of Prithi leaving Luke, Colonel Bircher concerned with damage reports, Chewie stewing in a cantina, a possibly intimate scene between Han and that female smuggler from the last issue, and a final shot of Leia in a medical bed. It’s a kind of odd way to the end the issue. On one hand, the comic might be trying to capture that feel of a montage clip we so often see on television shows near the end of a dramatic episode involving multiple story threads. Yet on the other hand, the comic medium doesn’t handle that sort of montage effect very well. The transitions feel very clunky.

For all of the action that the issue starts with, it has none in the second half. Furthermore there are no fun reveals or any real intriguing plot developments. It certainly threw off the momentum of the issue for me.

Geralyn: I agree.  It felt like filler with very little plot advancement.  In my opinion, Wedge was the saving grace of this issue.

Skuldren: The art in this issue, however, continues to be stellar. The pencils, the inks, the colors, they’re all gorgeous. The lighting in the panels makes the art pop beyond its two dimensional barriers. The colors bring in some variety, especially on those last pages with the greens in the cantina, the pinks in Han’s panel, and the gold hues in Leia’s final shots. This issue also features a lot of face shots that all turn out really well. Some of my favorites are the close up of Bircher sweating beneath his helmet as he stares out of the red glowing eye sockets of his helmet and the confident smirk of an Imperial officer on the bridge. I also like how Leia’s smashed up astromech turned out. Droids often have a way of disappearing in a scene, but T4 stood out.

For me, I thought this issue started off on high gear but left off on a bumpy cruise. I liked the Starfighter scenes in the beginning, but the transition to the Mon Mothma scenes didn’t reveal enough in the way of plot to sink me in deeper to the story. The last couple pages came in fast and jarring without any transition and creating a lot of confusion. Perhaps it’s just Brian Wood’s style, but I’m not used to having to reread a comic several times just to figure out what’s going on in each scene. It has its good and bad elements, and I’d say more good than bad.

Geralyn: We give it a 3 1/2 bikinis, but only because I was talked into that half a bikini.

Reviewed By: Skuldren and Geralyn for Roqoo Depot.

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