Star Wars #58

Star Wars #58

Writer: Kieron Gillen
Artist: Angel Unzueta
Colorist: Guru-eFX
Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Cover Artist: Jama’ Campbell

Star Wars #58 continues to be interesting as the plot thickens. Luke is as restless as ever, but the characters on Hubin show a lot of depth. Meanwhile Leia and Han bond more and she reveals her own plan. It’s a good setup to keep things rolling forward.

The issue opens with Luke and Thane dealing with some wild beasts. This incident opens two doors. Upon seeing Luke use his lightsaber, Thane teaches look some fighting techniques to help him out. This is nice as it help explains how Luke improves his lightsaber skills over the years between the films. The second door is with Thane’s daughter who opens up to Luke and talks about her grandmother who was a Jedi. She reveals Thane’s backstory, and that of her family and the Markona clan. She also offers a warning and some wisdom to Luke. He’s in a rush to build a transmitter to call for help, but she warns him that doing so might not bring the people he wants. It’s an interesting test of patience, one that Luke is losing hard. He’s in a hurry to call for help, but it sounds like he might be calling in the Empire and perhaps death and destruction for the Markona clan who is in hiding.

As if that wasn’t enough intrigue, Leia has some of her own. She is plotting on how to take care of Queen Trios. It appears the Princess has revenge on the mind. At least she’s showing the patience Luke lacks. With the way Luke is acting, it’s hard to like him, but the story is still full of intrigue and interest, which I’m liking.

The artwork is good with some gorgeous panels and some good likeness and depictions of the characters. There’s lots of detail, lots of color, and lots of shading to add dimension to the flat artwork, helping it to pop off the page.

With a good story and good artwork, I give this issue a five out of five metal bikinis. Definitely looking forward to where this story goes.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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